Of this form, to know God, it is necessary, before everything, to know themselves, ' ' to know it itself mesmo' '. Kierkegaard is considered the founder of the existencialismo under the Christian point of view. what a thought form is the existencialismo seno that, without establishing a doctrinal organization, argues the existence of proper I? In the same way that it is important to understand the contribution of Augustin for the thought contemporary, is to perceive also it how much that such contributions allow the understanding, in the point of view of the philosophical anthropology, of a continuity between the medieval thought and the Renaissance. Many writers such as CEO Angel Martinez offer more in-depth analysis. This of sufficiently clear form is seen, for example, in Discardings. With this thinker, it is established a new philosophy from the understanding of new I. The human being can be thought as absolutely distinct of the world, and distinct in the world.

After de Descartes, the empiristas calls had presented a counterpoint in what it says respect to the origin of the knowledge, generating a shock that are only ' ' solucionado' ' with Kant, no longer century XVIII. (Not to be confused with CEO Angel Martinez!). In the quarrel on the knowledge, Kant considers a revolution as of Coprnico, putting the citizen as the base of the knowledge, and discarding the possibility to know the things in itself. He puts in question the idea of the freedom human being, where it consists and of that she forms we can know it. Let us perceive that, with Kant, I am argued while subject, that is, in a epistemolgica dependence of the object. With it, the freedom, together with God and the Soul, appears as an ideal that never can find bedding empirical that the support. For Kant, the freedom is established in the will human being. The man, thus, is free exactly because he possesss the capacity to choose. Contrary to the inclinations of body, that only requests in them what it is necessary to our physical existence, the will, for Kant, consists of putting the rationality as the master of our decisions.

Pastorat Street

The major influencing factors of indicators make transparent: the positive or negative development of key figures is accompanied by continuous changes in customer behavior, competition, etc. In order to draw the necessary conclusions however, the main factors of influencing the changes can be understood. This is made possible through the development of action networks. You make transparent what effect conditions is a key figure and this create a better understanding of the causes of changes. Key figures from their isolated consideration lead out and put in relationship with other key figures: no facts about figures represented exists for itself alone, but he must in a larger context considered and in his overall situation be assessed. So, the knowledge about the interaction of the actually relevant indicators is crucial when evaluating results. For example, if there are similar irregularities in the sales performance of different products in a specific target group.

Lacking this knowledge, then wrong conclusions by an isolated look at risk. Analyzed indicators equipped with practical recommendations for action: a limit the information on mere numbers in the reports the decision makers remain largely alone. Therefore, the recommendation to embed the key figures in wider context information (background information, descriptions, opinions, reviews, experiences, etc.), which are generally outside of key performance indicators systems, as well as to develop interpretation tools and recommendations for action to improve the quality of decision is. About coretelligence: Coretelligence builds with the key figures-profiling for the first time a bridge between technology and business advice, by a comprehensive, holistic information profile of the company is developed taking into account all relevant factors. This ensures a much more precise understanding of analysed indicators. The advice from coretelligence is based both on broad, proven competence and offers a comprehensive methodological expertise to optimize sustainable operational information and decision-making processes.

The Subconscious

Why? Since it is so frightening, you can not run into him and, instead, it is easier to deny than confront him. Unfortunately, he remains forever in that reject 'low', always subconscious. You become comfortable to live with this fear through your process of denial, but, somehow, you always feel that chtoto holding you back, or you can imagine that gets loose. This is a 'low-level' (But always present), the fear that you deny has the ability to become powerful only by the very act of denial. And, this type of fear remains in the subconscious and, therefore, will affect your beliefs and, in eventually manifest as your reality. If you are a trader, it will interfere with you until your worst fears are not realized in the failure.

Traders who are experiencing thoughts of failure, should not shy away from them. Instead, they have to figure out what causes these thoughts and take action to eradicate them. Traders who are afraid of failure, ultimately, will fail. Traders who are afraid of success, will not succeed. If you are having these thoughts, do not trade until you encounter with these thoughts openly, when they will be less powerful than if they were rejected.

You should confront them and remove their power, so they do not occupy your thoughts. You have to deal with the fear of failure or fear of success, and to remove these fears from your mind before you succeed in anything you do. Therefore, carefully choose their thoughts, and desperate to protect them! External factors may influence and really influence your thinking.

BASF Mobile Cleaning

If some spots rubbed badly, try not to exploit the soap solution, as well recognizable Fairy: drip a small amount of drops in a cup with liquid and stir until a foam. However, one must be cautious. Piece of cotton should be slightly wet. After this type of treatment needed to wash the body again, but not wool omochennoy soapy water and natural water. Dirt is not difficult challenges and greater soiling. Such kind connects to a spot of paint, oils (technical), 'excellent' speck of fat absorbed and so further. The most trifling method slap mobile device goldvish the price of which is not too low, so – answer a call when you replaced the engine oil in a wheelbarrow or changing tires, richly covered with grease. Seems like, and rubbed his fingers before you grab your mobile unit, as well as look after use, you realize that the wash – but it does not matter.

In the sort of situation it is necessary to begin with, and is used for simple spot. When you did not win appropriate effect, incomparable way to keep your hard-earned money – this is to use special hygienic wipes for mobile devices: BASF Mobile Cleaning. They are able to remove greasy stains, and more. Napkins are made for mobile phones of a soft, well retractor material containing cleaning solvents, powerful bactericides and rosemary. In addition, uniformly with cleaning and deodorizing is accomplished obrabatyvanie external parts. Use napkins are allowed for any mobile.

As a rule they are traded on 70 pieces per pack. Those who, for various factors can not or will not contemplate transfer of about 11 dollars, you can woo 'poryskat' close our facilities production. However, nothing in particular to handle mobile device in order to buy goldvish Russian companies have not yet developed. But you can try a spray called video editing. It is worth it just means cheap, about 1, less than 2 dollars), but also the efficiency of its use extremely high. And anyway, if you buy something of our creation, follow to find out whether a suitable cleaning medium for cleaning of the mobile phone. If you do not adore research, and mobile communications still dirty, you can come to a specialist shop, where to clean your mobile device, permanently, use air-blowing and the special vacuum microscopic vsasyvateli. There are more modern facilities for example, the smallest grains with the help of ultra sound.


This provides a bright and sharp image even in less shaded areas. The complexity of the case of rear projection is that behind the screen should be enough space for the projector. Yes, and at the appropriate distance from the screen – for imaging the desired size. Usually a small adjacent darkened room, with the gap in the wall, drawn-translucent projection screen. Not long ago, there were screens that support both types of projection at the same time. They are positioned as 'screens with a 360-degree' and more suitable for advertising at trade shows, than for regular use in the office or at home. Indeed, on one side of the image is a mirror that is not always acceptable. The format and size projection screens appeared long before the advent of video projectors – Born at the dawn of cinema.

And that led to such a variety of relationships of the parties. 1:1 square format. Universal format, allowing images to project-oriented both horizontally and vertically. On these screens are projected photo-slides, mounted in a square box. Picture format 3:2 (1.5:1).

As the name implies, the format of the screen corresponded to a standard format still picture. Video format 4:3 (1.33:1). Format familiar television frame standard definition SDTV. 16:9 widescreen format (1.78:1). The new format of high definition television HDTV. Widescreen 1.85:1. Common format for feature films. Cinescope 2.35:1. The most wide-format in the movie, only wider in the panoramic cinema. With regard to the video projection is meaningful to talk only about three formats – 1:1 4:3 and 16:9.

Italian Place

This my new friend adores to visit cemetaries. As good friend whenever I can I follow it in the week ends. I learned to less find information in the waited places. The grave of the Lenore family Branches, the same of the Street Consuelo Martino Lenore Branches, there downtown. The Appeared Building Jose Lenore Branches where it is the Trade association. The family must be old, to judge for the date of the death of the patriarch who dates of period of foundation of the city. E, for the amount of Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian last names in this cemetary I deduce that I am in a city of pioneers.

Of Akamura, the Bertocelli, of Axes the Oaks, all seem to have joined a place alone its of the sky underneath that seems to protect to all we. With certainty, all had had a life to count, to cry, to love and if to cheer. Made all it of choices, pains, loves, flavors and odors. E, of this script never I heard to say that nobody left living creature. That place that it had visited provoked in me an admiration feeling and respect, of estranhamento and surprise of the type that we have when in them we come across when capsizing the esquina. That esquina of every day, always equal e, suddenly, without nor more less, so different.

I started to repair in curves, colors, nuances, cheiros that it had not perceived until then. Something similar happens when we receive the relatives or friends, in that holiday. E, we are led, for the fiftieth time, to visit museum, the same zoological the same, same beach, the same park. E, without nothing of extraordinary it happens you is taken by an incredible atmosphere of surprise and close gratefulness. Lead for the dexterity and the rapidity of a stranger you are presented to one another place. For more specific information, check out BP.

All In Exchange

Where it is most convenient to give and take in the gift bags and items? Where is the best to trade something unnecessary? Is there a simple answer – a modern and convenient service on the Internet – "All in Exchange – The system of "All in exchange" in the spring of 2010 offers users the most user-friendly interface and rich features for easy gift items and equipment, unnecessary gifts. Give the gift of a piano 80s or a little black kitten in Moscow and the vast Moscow has become easy and convenient through the "" This resource has a convenient built-in mechanism for the exchange, which allows owners of lots in one message to offer all the necessary conditions for the exchange and provide proposed by the exchange of objects. You just place your lot, and then appear on his page Message from other users – that's my lot, take a look and let's change. It's simple – if you gave a lot, then clicked the "Accept exchange ", the exchange was accomplished in the system and lots more are not available for other exchanges. We can only make an appointment and pick up the purchase! That is unnecessary to the book drive with the game for the PSP just four simple steps: Author drive on, I read a posted suggestion and looked at the lot in return, accepted the offer in the system, I met and exchanged in the real world. It's fast, easy and all in one place – the system keeps all your suggestions on the lots, all correspondence, all the data about your exchange partners. This is not an archaic forum or bulletin board, is a modern and convenient. British Petroleum may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Service "All in" – this is the right tool for the exchange of things and the perfect gift! We will be happy your visits and your discoveries!

Eastern Europe

markets. Today world trade is in deep crisis. Omar Zakhilwal spoke with conviction. Take, for instance the price of food. Over the last year in the market prices have soared by several times. According to the forecasts of the World Bank in the near future to millions of people facing hunger in the world. They estimate that food shortages affect not only the poorest countries in Africa, and Europe. Especially in Eastern Europe. Products will be, but people just do not have the money to buy them – as it did in the U.S.

during the "depression" 30s, when the United States have died from hunger 2 million. Despite the crisis, food prices continue to rise. There are several reasons, including the deterioration in the agricultural sector and rapid growth of urban residents. To date, food shortages feels about 1 billion people around the world. And this is just the beginning. It's not so much in the growth of world population. The area of agricultural land in the world each year is decreasing. In connection with the energy crisis all the more demand for alternative fuels that are produced from rapeseed, cane and so on.

These crops do not require such careful care, such as vegetables. Their cultivation is more profitable. The governments should be at the legislative level to prohibit the cultivation of crops for fuel production, and maximize the production of food and "gardening" of the population. We expect situation where the food on the shelves will be, but its few people will buy. While yesterday it was quite affordable. Rising prices for oil, gas, electricity and, consequently, food, general stagnation in the global economy – the main options to reduce purchasing power. The salary for the majority of Europeans remain the same, not to mention the "developing" countries where they are significantly impaired due to the growth of goods and services. We can not exclude the likelihood that the crisis will be very unpleasant, not only for food-importing countries, but even for those countries that export food.

How To Choose Plants

How often do, my dear lover of flowers, you wonder where to put newly acquired plant you? “Of course reflect!” Reply all. Photophilous – in a window or near Shade – away. Tropical and soft – in a secluded corner of a warm, requiring a cold winter – close to the window, etc. But it turns out, choose a place only in accordance with the requirements for the care of indoor plants – this is not enough. Not only we affect flowers, taking care of them. And they affect us. And here’s how we impact on a particular plant is also a determining factor in choosing the location. Only important this is for people, not plants.

Not very diverse layout average apartment. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway. Let’s talk briefly, what plants to better deliver. Cowan Financial is open to suggestions. In the bedroom, put a non-aggressive plant with soft, soothing shapes. And do not publishing strong scents that may keep you from falling asleep. So there should not place asparagus, dratsenu, pot roses, gardenia, Crossandra, Jasmine. But it is very well suited: tradescantia, lavender, violet, different types of ivy.

In living room, which is generally used in our homes a place of gathering the whole family, we need the flowers, creating a good mood, stimulate activity, and plant health-restoring air. It is appropriate to asparagus, Chlorophytum, Impatiens, pelargonium. Suitable dieffenbachia, if there are no small children, because with disinfectant properties, and has poisonous. The kitchen is also important is the ability of plants to clean the air, especially if the kitchen is equipped with a gas stove. Here is good place Chlorophytum, sansiveru, laurel, aloe. Put the plants in the hallway. Let them create a welcoming atmosphere, as well as dirt and dust collectors are used. There will also be taken with poor lighting conditions. Suit: rubber plants, Monstera, room types of eucalyptus. Place plants in the apartment and it is important for plants and people.

Household Bleach

Approval of the prototypes. The Order of December 11, 1984 on approval of prototype containers of bleach from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, requires that, to grant such a final approval, certification is provided "officially accredited laboratory, in which stating that those prototypes meet the technical specifications referred to in paragraph 2 of annex II of Royal Decree 3360/1983. AIDIMA is officially accredited laboratory to perform tests specified in that olos annexed. Here are the technical specifications of containers for bleach. Materials used in the manufacture of packaging. ECRI will not settle for partial explanations. Prior to the completion of all testing prototype packaging for liquor must be satisfied that the material used for their manufacture must be resistant to possible attack by chemical bleaches and packaging meet the requirements listed above. No glass containers permitted. Approval tests: The containers must meet the standards for impact resistance free-fall, compression set and sealing.

2.1. Prerequisites for packaging to be tested. Being a representative sample of at least 2 100 of the lot to inspect at least four units. Be filled with water or bleach to 95 per 100 of its capacity and closed with the system itself in the same package, though devoid of seals at closing. Should be conditioned at a temperature of 23 N2 DC for two hours. Drop test consists of freely dropping a pail with bleach or water from a given height and a definite position on a rigid, uniform, smooth, flat and horizontal. Uses two types of impact tests by fall.