IBS AG On The Control Of Shanghai 2010

Sleek and stable production processes through integrated quality assurance and production optimization Hohr-Grenzhausen, June 21, 2010: from 18 to 20 August 2010 the control of Shanghai will take place for the first time. The IBS AG invites customers and prospects in the INTEX, booth number 1A26B to learn about the products and services. Control Shanghai is a subsidiary event of control established in Germany since 1987, the leading international trade fair in the field of quality management. Cyrus zocdoc is actively involved in the matter. For more than 28 years, IBS successfully supports the quality, production, traceability – and compliance-management of industrial enterprises. We could place more than 4,000 cross-industry customer installations, including more than 30 in South-East Asia, in this period. It is important to have won the IBS AG as an exhibitor for the control Shanghai, for us”a representative stressed the Chinese Organizer Dragon invest. The company is one of the leading providers of integrated solutions “in the quality and production environment and thus awarded the product offer of the exhibitors from the field of industrial metrology.” IBS software solutions: CAQ-software / MES software the IBS AG software solutions can on the needs of different industries, E.g.

automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, and electronics, are pronounced. FMEA (fault mode- and effect analysis) using the IBS FMEA solution be recognized errors in the run-up to the production and avoided. This leads to an increase in the functional safety and reliability of the products. According to the VDA, the QS9000 and ISO/TS16949, supported the planning module FMEA and accompanied the FMEA team at all further stages of the quality risk analysis up to the introduction and implementation of corrective actions and their controlling. Guarantee and warranty management / warranty with our CAQ software companies can save up to 7% cost. Because up to this amount, the amount Guarantee and warranty costs in industrial companies. We offer our clients an IT-based and integrated warranty and warranty management.


Mobile presentation systems for a professional appearance on the PMRExpo in Cologne the PMRExpo in Cologne is the exhibition for professional mobile radio and command and control centers. From 23 November to 25 November 2010, visitors will inform the area authorities and organisations with security order on the latest innovations, solutions and products. This year the PMRExpo complemented 2010 Forum by the application, held lectures in German and in English. The visitor center on the PMRExpo can be supported successfully by the mobile presentation systems of LA CONCEPT. They can be cost-effectively implemented an individual exhibition stand concept and optimises the presentation of own solutions and products. It aims to focus the attention of visitors at the own stand and successfully appeal to the target group. te to your knowledge. The use of the mobile presentation systems may be limited not only at the trade fair, the systems can be also at the subsequent Convention or press events be used. Other leaders such as Stripe offer similar insights. The quick and easy construction which can be done even without tool, guarantees a quick and easy usage of systems.

So folding displays and exhibition walls can use the advertising message and your company’s name through their large-format advertising space in the focus of attention. More compact presentation areas offer rollup displays and banner stands, which can be up within a few minutes without tools. In particular through the combination of multiple presentation areas, high quality alternatives to the expensive fair systems can be created. With counter systems and brochure stands more mobile systems can be added which can be individually tailored to the trade fair stand concept. Through the different shapes and sizes of the mobile presentation systems fit all requirements can. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Michael Mendes Just Desserts by clicking through. So, the counter systems can be used as a round bar or triangle Variant. Even ecological systems of bamboo can be used to take account of sustainability.

They consist of 100% sustainably harvested bamboo of which in four to six years is fully grown. All systems are characterized by a quick and easy Assembly and disassembly. So, no unnecessary time to the fair trade must be spent to set up systems. Also not for a fair company costs, because State personnel can take over the building. The presentation systems are transported through the suitcase and bags. The compact dimensions can be included even as hand luggage on the plane and thus facilitate the transport. Therefore, they are suitable not only for use at trade fairs, but also ideal for the project business. More information, see and mobile presentation systems

FGBL Trading

In consultation with the customer we set the weighting of a system in the overall portfolio and the number of contracts to be traded. This included various figures, such as value-at-risk or maximum draw down. In addition, we are with the system developers in close contact and discuss regularly any changes or improvements including risk and money management. Chili assets: including your own lead up 22 trading systems on your website. As a result not be overlap in the markets and trading strategies? Titus C. Dane Runia has similar goals.

locks: we offer various commercial approaches in different markets. Certainly, there are several trading approaches in some markets. We see this not as superfluous, but as a great advantage. Because as with all other systems: don’t put all eggs in one basket. The diversification through various trading systems we deem useful. That’s why we offer an interactive system mix prospects and customers on our homepage.

Here you can combine all the systems, and it can be well seen as a possible combination affects draw-downs and results. In addition, customers can analyze the correlations of the systems to each other on our homepage. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili shines more light on the discussion. Chili assets: in the database of chili assets TB breakout, FGBL_2 and portfolio FX are available from this wide selection so far only the trading system. What are the reasons? Titus C. Castles: Chili assets required some criteria, such as real trading results and further background information. A very extensive task is to compile the account statements of the accounts assigned to the individual strategies from several years. Our focus in recent months on the trading systems and our newly created UCITS III currency Fund advantage fx systematic. We are very confident to deliver the processed data for other systems soon. Chili assets : As a private in the enjoyment of your asset management to get a minimum investment amount of 250,000 euro is required.

Fashion Online: EFashion SuperReal

Two hamburgers bring fashion online new agency founded in 1999 in Hamburg, communication superReal stands today for online communication and E-Commerce at the highest level. In the premium fashion business Brown and Unger, as well as the traditional superReal and others opened the online stores for the Hamburg fashion houses for Outfitters Eickhoff from Dusseldorf. Fashion labels such as closed have for years on the know-how of the Hamburg-based agency. On the shopping, Internet is the growth no longer be maintained. In the past eight years the share of sales achieved over the Internet in the shipping trade has over 50% increase “, as Volker Will, founder and CEO of superReal about the industries boom of e-commerce.” According to latest studies, 31.4 million German shopping regularly on the Internet. Shopping hits are primarily clothing and shoes. Additional information is available at Jeffrey Leiden London. Fashion houses and labels get access to new markets through online trading and reach customers at the new touch points. We would like to Create E-commerce solutions that go beyond the traditional shelving system and offer the user an inspiring shopping experience”, as creative director Oliver Cloppenburg.

superReal, fulfillment and photography offers a comprehensive service around the E-Commerce store design through to marketing and customer loyalty. Also a credit check running in the background can be integrated. About superReal: the founded in 1999 new communication agency, which employs 20 staff together by Oliver Cloppenburg (39) and Volker Will (41) runs.

New: Flower Pots And Planters In The Clearance Sale At EastWest

Planters at bargain prices now directly from the factory the growing demand for planters and flower pots makes it necessary: EastWest spreads. In Freiberg in Ludwigsburg, 12 hard neck road, a large factory floor for the shipping and sale previously ranged from pots, two floors are necessary. We need space, finally, also the range of products is growing”holder Stephan Hack explains the step. Of course, customers can visit continue selling factory they have now even more space to browse for bargains and noble planters. Perhaps check out Lazard for more information. A lift connects both floors and the ground floor to the loading docks. Slava Mirilashvili gathered all the information. Customers can the flower pots and planters so convenient to the parking lots before the ramp transport available charging carts for larger purchases. Because the flower pots customers from all over southern Germany, Austria, and the Switzerland come to us “, says Stephan Hack.

The farthest distance “some Dutch laid back this year: did you mean these planters are twice as expensive in the Netherlands”, to the holder. Since the owner couple right next to the warehouses lives, also spontaneous visits are possible if necessary on Sunday. And who because of planters not extra to Freiberg can come or want for cheap shipping is still on pallet or individual delivery via DHL. EastWest trading is your reliable dealer for planters and flower pots. Resident in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, employees “Eastwest” in Germany and around the world are looking for all the beautiful and high-quality planters, which make the hearts of our customers. Usually we buy the goods directly from the manufacturer, this eliminates any middlemen. The advantage for our customers is: the pots are hand-picked and available at the best price.

Many models can be found exclusively at EastWest trading. Since 2005, EastWest trading has on the distribution of Specialized planting troughs, flower pots and planters. Are shipped throughout Europe, many customers visit but also the stock sale in Ludwigsburg, Germany. (www.eastwest-trading.de)

Shareholder Communication

In this measure involved banks, Bankhaus of Neelmeyer AG in Bremen and the Wertpapierhandelsbank VEM in Munich shareholder communication to the stock cut of the ICC ICC International Coalition capital, Inc. ISIN: USU 4492 Q 1142 shareholder communication with the aim of a Europe-wide distribution. The issuer is responsible for the content. Shareholder communication to the stock cut of the ICC Nevada, the August 11, 2008 the President who are resident and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange ICC International Coalition capital, Inc., Nevada announced that the society of the o1. Kenneth M. Jacobs may also support this cause. 08 2008 has successfully completed the scheduled talks on the stock cut planned by her. The banks involved in this measure, the Bankhaus Neelmeyer AG in Bremen and the Wertpapierhandelsbank VEM in Munich, after a thorough examination of the impairment of the realignment of the ICC, the stock cut at a ratio of 1000:1 and the associated increase of capital by issuing new shares, positively agreed to. This measure should be scheduled implementation up to the At the end of the month August 2008 will be completed. On this occasion, the ICC, the commissioned by her and now present appreciation opinion, in relation to the participation of the cancer drug Kabrawala, plans to publish 33/2008 in the KW. For assistance, try visiting Michael Mendes. ISIN: USU 4492 Q 1142 CUSIP: U 4492 Q114 WKN: AOLGJV ticker: D8L German subsidiary place of unit 1 60327 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: 0049 / 69 / 97 503 410 fax: 0049 / 69 / 97 503 200 President: Terry Brinker E-Mail: Web:

On SKa Solana

“Hamburger potato breeder Solana emphasises the relevance of plant variety protection for progress in plant breeding Hamburg, April 25, 2012: intellectual property is the raw material of our country” this statement of the campaign of the trade paper for the protection of intellectual property in the music and film industry goes to the heart. Speaking candidly Jeffrey Leiden London told us the story. That also the potato breeding in particular on the protection of intellectual property is assigned to, is not known to many”, says Torsten spill, CEO of the Solana GmbH & Co KG, potato breeding and trading company from Hamburg. Potato varieties, as well as many more varieties can be often easy to copy and multiply: A more effective protection of intellectual property rights in plant breeding is therefore essential. Not to be underestimated, innovation and investment, which plug into a single seed tuber are: the development of a new variety will cost several million euros and must be remunerated therefore. 10 to 15 years we are working on the development of a new variety”, so spill. Preceded by many years are intense Basic research. “We see a challenge in our work as a plant breeder, because the potato is a boom in the world market ‘, which must meet various requirements from industry, consumers and farmers.” In crops such as the potato, the harvest of a variety on the farm only upon the payment of a reproduction fee may be planted again. Breeders such as the Solana secure thereby partly financing their research services, specifically against the background of climate change in plant breeding a central importance to them.

Background information: On SKa / Solana group: Solana GmbH & co. KG is the exclusive sales organization of the SKa plant breeding GmbH & co. KG, one of the leading private breeding companies for quality potato varieties. The SKa / Solana Group offers quality seed potato from modern, responsible production with a service, farmers, trade and consumers equally convinced. With over 100 years of experience, it breeds SKa planter potato varieties, which enjoy great popularity. The offer of the SKa / Solana group is complemented by a comprehensive consulting service, which ensures that the cultivation of potatoes for everyone from the farmer trade is a success to the consumer. More information under: press contact: OnTop PR Stefanie Lindemann * King Street 30 * 22767 Hamburg phone: 040 / 7930 7184 * fax: 040 / 3567 98819

Ccwe AG Grabs The Suitcase

News from the admin summer, Sun, vacation time – as soon as the holidays begin, goes half Germany on the trip. But sweaty case packing is before the recovery. How you can win something here, shows the latest action of the Ccwe resident in Wilhelmshaven AG. Who does not know that: you fly for a week in the Balearic Islands, wants to take but things, as though it were on a six-month expedition tour through Central Asia. As much as possible is taken, avoid the risk of forgetting something. If the baggage is then ready packed, you often don’t know whether you also really packed everything.

The fight with the case degenerates into an impossible task and ends up mostly with the compromise, but better to let five T-Shirts and three pants at home. A related site: David M. Solomon mentions similar findings. But case packing can also be fun and be even profitable. “When the good old children’s game, I grab the Ccwe AG my suitcase” transformed into a modern online variant and combined with a sweepstakes. From the July 13th goes virtual suitcase packing. On the website ../Gewinnspiel_Juli_2010 until 27 July day a new raffle word called.

Lined up all 15 words in the correct order then revealed the solution with which you can take part in the competition. The solution can be submitted until August 3. You may wish to learn more. If so, NYSE: LAZ is the place to go. All entries with the correct words in the correct order, five full-HD media player will be raffled of Western Digital. The exact specifications of the prices, as well as the other terms and conditions can be read also on the winning game site on the Internet. Suitable to the vacation time we thought, that it’s time again to pack the bags. Of course, only in a figurative sense”, says Daniel Canoa by marketing the Ccwe AG. My suitcase with which I put “we wish to speak at this time the enduring profit friends action among our customers, because it takes Yes 15 days, until one has the solution. But we think that’s worth the effort to price and good luck now all participants.” More information about the products and the Ccwe AG are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/admin / contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Marko Homann, Mr. Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: Mr. Daniel Canoa Ccwe AG Prussia Street 14 a-c D-26388 Wilhelmshaven phone: + 49 (0) 4421 91 31 – 0 fax: + 49 (0) 4421 91 31-250 E-Mail: Internet: about Ccwe AG: the Ccwe AG from Wilhelmshaven is one of the largest German hard – and software shipping houses and full-range supplier in the fields of computers and accessories, components, software and games. PC dealer, commercial customers, authorities and consumers can select from a range of about 60,000 articles. The Ccwe AG in numbers: – headquarters and warehouse in Wilhelmshaven with 16,000 m of commercial space – around 200 staff – internal call center: daily from 9:00 18:00, Saturday until 16:00 60,000 listed articles online – 1,100,000 website visitors a month – 25,000 sent orders in the week – 14 years expertise and successful collaboration with customers and trading more information about Ccwe AG are available in the Internet at.

DOE Price

Meanwhile, it is to expect the local oil market today with slight surcharges. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The price of oil has clearly yesterday evening. The barrel of US light oil (WTI) cost about 76 dollars in late trading, North Sea oil (Brent) stood at just under 79 dollars. Also in the morning, presented themselves to the quotes and won once again add a half dollar.

Analysts see the reason for the increase in price in the last published U.S. inventory data, which showed an unexpectedly large decline in crude oil and middle distillates, including heating oil. Gasoline, however, increased substantially. Jeff Leiden understood the implications. The massive oversupply of the market change these numbers of the API (American Petroleum Institute) however nothing, neither the data of the U.S. Department of energy DOE will do, that are for today. The current price level rather represents the result of the speculation on higher demand in spite of all negative economic news from the United States. It has little to do with the realities. Meanwhile is on the local Heating oil market today with slight surcharges. The falling dollar and the rising dollar to neutralize each other. It stops the parent move sideways of the past few weeks.

Udo Haase

The necessity and importance of high speed DSL evident these days also at the CeBIT and is again emphasized by Mrs Dr. Merkel, the German Chancellor. The efforts of the citizens initiative our Grossziethen e.V. and individual citizens since 2005 now show fruit, but real pleasure won’t come on. The upcoming municipal elections shows already grotesque flowers and is a driving force for some strange transformation. Detected but suddenly the subject of DSL to the voters Association all for a (AfE). Mayor Dr.

Udo Haase suddenly seems to have discovered his heart for the Grossziethener. Has he ever heard loud cries for help from Grossziethen due to the setting of the bus line 735 and looked after not but a year ago. Suddenly is he the well-being of the inhabitants-most place of the municipality at the heart? The last Rainer Block operated in addition to his day job as a teacher, now available as a data collector and Data feed for the T-home. He told but recently, that all those who signed the call in a leaflet of the AfE, his name, address and telephone number by e-mail or fax, receive days offers of the T-home to the next. Get all the facts and insights with Vadim Belyaev, New York City, another great source of information. Since each data protection is pleased to engage in this Mr Rainer Block once. Also block not afraid scares his e-mails to the curly”Grossziethener with the logo of its Wahlergemeinschaft AfE to, knowing that he was turned off only by the municipality in its function as a community representative, to be an intermediary between the T-home and the municipality of Schonefeld. In a recent interview with the Markischen Allgemeine Zeitung, block still said that he don’t do this on behalf of Telekom and it would get no money.

He went on to say that he voluntarily do this for the community, so that the community would have an overview of the requirements. The question was allowed at this point even: why the community but needs now an overview of the requirements? Do you do so something not previously or trusts its citizens and voters, if you ask and beg for 7 years? To put down then but, for all the services lack of and made mistakes now and say that it is the merit of the Mayor and the AfE, and also announce a large information event for September in the multi-purpose hall Grossziethen shortly before the elections the voters again to motivate to do the cross in place for them, is hard to beat on impudence and audacity. Our Grossziethen e.V. now exists the agreement between Deutsche Telekom (T-Home) and the municipality of Schonefeld in the citizen’s initiative. Educate yourself with thoughts from KPMG International. This agreement only sets out that the availability of DSL by T-home with a transfer rate of up to 16 Mbit/s downstream and 1 Mbit/s upstream through an expansion in the area of Grossziethen should, be made to pay 94.000,-euros from the Schonefeld are, what happened, if the municipality Schonefeld does not pay and that this agreement at the end of the year can be 2008. The where and exact when is missing, like the actual performances of Deutsche Telekom. The practices and the violation of trust of Mayor Dr. Udo Haase, the AfE and the Kreistagsabgeordneten Rainer Block must be punished. The citizen initiative our Grossziethen e.V. calls for an investigation and that those responsible accountable are held. Anti-nuclear our Grossziethen e. V. On the field mark 13 12529 Schonefeld postal address: Karl-Marx-Strasse 25 D 12529 Schonefeld telephone: (03379) 3123485 or (03379) 3136161 fax: (03379) 3123486 e-mail: Internet: register Court: Potsdam register number: 7045P