Decorating Bedrooms

Bedroom decor: like everything else that surrounds us, the decoration of our House depends on our tastes, our personality and our State’s of encouragement. But many times when you choose colors that they will dominate our household should keep in mind some things more like natural light, dimensions or what those colors we bring. In this inferior photo bedroom decor asymmetry has been chosen as you can see, the two bedside tables lamps are different, the same tables are different from one another, do not have even the same height or color, but to be better has kept the same tone in similar forms in the bedside tables and lamps. Decorate a small bedroom is often a very difficult task, but there are some resources that can make them look good, and most importantly, that we not feel bad in a very small space. We show you some ideas.

Given to this bedroom an aspect of cabin. It was furnished only with a bed of wood of century, the walls and the ceiling are covered with pine boards, placed horizontally and painted white lacquer to give the impression of more space and light. To gain more space yet, the window opens outward, and it was made of horizontal, and elongated rectangular shape to give a panoramic view of the landscape, which expands the space. To have lighting near the bed at night, placed a metal on the side lamp. To create a sense of comfort and intimacy, the walls were painted greenish Brown to some height. A large mirror expands the space, reflecting the light and vibrant red color of the pillows.

Satin quilt gives plenty of light. In the header has been placed an old tissue that mirrors and different chess pieces were hung. In this room what he has done is put a curtain to cover the closet, which gives a greater sense of space, since that does not give the feeling come over. Does decoration of bedrooms < embed type = application/x-shockwave-flash width = 425? height = 355? src = wmode = transparent > more about decoration: decoration of rooms. Original author and source of the article.