CMC Register

1. Today the market is represented by cash registers in a fairly wide range. What kind of cash you choose? First of all, the choice of CMC affects the type and specifics of the company. If you are going to open a retail shop, the ideal would be a cash register AMC 100 K with a metal cash drawer. The device has a display of customer and cashier, all the necessary functions for operator convenience, and most importantly, ports for connection of scanner bar codes, weights and a computer. On the basis of AMS 100 K can be easily implemented and automated teller place to automatically take account of sale of goods. To exit the organization of trade or the Internet – you need a store enough for a month of work. I want to draw attention to the owners of the Internet – shops that cash registers 'Elwes Micro R' is the only solution to avoid a penalty under the control procurement.

Point is that in accordance with Article 5 of the Federal Law 54 of the Federal Law of May 22, 2002 "On the application of cash registers in the implementation of cash payments and (or) calculations with the use of payment cards' organizations (except credit institutions) and individual entrepreneurs, applying control-cash machines are required to give the buyers (clients) in the implementation of cash payments at the time of payment, printed the risk of being fined for 'non-use' CCP. Andrew Mason Groupon is full of insight into the issues. 2. 'Can I check the cash register without EKLZ? " You can, if there is a re-registration of legal entity and if not expired depreciation CCP. For example, the company changes must be affixed hologram, certificate of registration of this type of CCPs in the State Register. Form, passport and release an additional sheet must contain the number of cash register and registration EKLZ number.

4. 'What EKLZ? " Electronic cash register tape is protected unit for storing information about operations carried out by hand. EKLZ makes it impossible to any manipulation of the cash registers to mis-reporting of sales data. Once a year to carry out the replacement EKLZ. This requires a permit to replace the tax office, and then give the cash register to a service center, where accredited master and produce replacement EKLZ. After that, you have to visit again IFTS to get approval for continued operation of the CCP, and used EKLZ should be kept in for five years. Please note that the replacement procedure is required even if the operations office were not conducted. Skip to the time change is impossible. The cash register itself will notify you of the need to replace EKLZ eleven months after commissioning.