Social Network

In recent years social networks have expanded greatly on the web, serving the user not only to achieve global friendships and interact between them instantly, but are also very useful for doing business online and it is Facebook, with more than 400 million registered users, without a doubt, the most important of all these social networks and business. As it seen from statistical tables in part low, Facebook receives more than 142 million monthly visits and growing at a rate of 7% per month and 20% per year. Well worth experimenting on Facebook to do business, whether in their sections free as well as investing a few dollars in sponsored ads. If you already have a business under the roof of his house, in a niche that you know well, and your product or service has already had some acceptance in your local area, and is convinced that it can expand its market towards a regional and national level, do not hesitate to enter business online, explore and experience on Facebook. First we must see how Facebook works. In reality the operation of Facebook is quite simple, fast, powerful and reliable. How to use Facebook for business online? 1.

The two sides main Facebook are, like Twitter, profile and news. ) In profile both as news (home page), we find an editor, where you can post comments of up to 420 characters. Links that are very important to introduce a website (or blog) page can be placed in this text of business (B2B, B2C or C2C pasting the URL (page address) link as the title or body of content using the tools that gives Facebook. Keep in mind that Facebook has been making modifications and there might be some variations. (B) his section news shows posts of his followers who were placed in their respective editors of the profile (which previously appeared as a wall), at the same time the posts of one other users will see it in their news pages.If you have good amount of followers, will have much option for your website or blog attract the interest of its users and read, and if the good encuentrara is possible that click on I like. Keep in mind that Facebook is taking note of the amount of I like and in the number of users who are on your page, so it is not bad to have enough followers better even if they interact with each other. Facebook also has a third option to publish longer content, perhaps 1000 words and works as a blog, this is notes, and you can find it under the profile. These notes, when operating as a blog might be indexed by Yahoo and Google search engines.

To publish in notes, your article or essay will also look at news. So are three opportunities has on Facebook to make known our products: in profile and news editor (and it replaces the wall), notes and create your ad. If did not have a product or service to offer, but you have great knowledge on a topic, can create your web page or blog with your content, and add banners of affiliated pages (sites MLM or MLM not confuse them with pyramids) and promote it on Facebook. A good business affiliate site is Linkshare if you are interested please click on banner at bottom on the left of this article window and register free.