An action is when a person behaves in a certain way because of the influence of individuals who surround him. The facade is as an individual expresses intentionally or unconsciously when this East is in his performance.People Act depending on your environment. A person has different roles in your life, such as: be an integral family, amig @, student, novi @, at work, etc and it is true that in every place it acted differently, because it will not be the same with their friends than with their parents. There are certain standards and rules in our society that make us act in different ways in certain situations as it is the case in a religious place, having to act in respectful and quiet, or as in the case of a funeral in which people should dress in dark clothes and act in a certain way out of respect for the deceased person. All these acts make us change of personality, but as prune you know then who is a person in reality? Do we know completely to people if they change their attitude depending on where are? We could see people as false, but this is not really a negative cause that people change due to your environment, because it is a behavior without realizing we do. It is like an instinct that makes us act in this way and not because the person becomes another, but it is to just change certain parts suited to each situation. Original author and source of the article.