Group Dynamics

Dynamics: Know you me? N of participants: the 10 30 participants will have to seat in half circle and the ministrante will deliver to each member a blank paper, in it each participant will have to write the characteristics of that there it is present. Without nobody sees, the participant will have to write in this paper on who it to want. After all to have written in its due paper, the ministrante chooses somebody of the group to start to say the characteristics of the chosen person and written down in the paper, that will be of its left side, it will have to guess of who if it treats. If not to obtain to make right, that one gave to the caracterticas invnta arrests colleague to pay it. ssim, successively, until all to have participated. OBS.: The purpose is to recognize each participant of the group. When recognizing the colleague, to perceive its qualities and defects, each one contributes passes it for a good work in team, thus, all will go to know as to work better with its colleague without unexpected greaters.