Before penetrating in the concept of formularization of strategies, it fits to alert that in this phase of the strategical planning the company or strategical body already collected some information regarding the environment and already possesss clear vision of where it wants to arrive. However, this phase demands maturity and parity with the enterprise vision, in order to choose the strategies most assertive. For Goold and Campbell (1998, apud PORTER and MONTGOMERY, 1998) an only way does not exist to formulate strategies for all the organizations. In contrast, the best way is changeable in accordance with the characteristics of the business and its necessities. In face to the subject, Ansoff (1990, p.96) contributes to the study when explanar that ' ' the process of formularization of the strategy is not applied in an immediate action. However, it establishes to the general directions of position of the company, pointing the direction where it will grow and if desenvolver' '. According to Rodrigues et al (2009), is possible to characterize the strategies enterprise in two great dimensions: competitive and the functionary.

The objective of this topic will contemplate only the competitive dimension, a time that the functional dimension is not pertinent for the proposal of the present study. The competitive dimension says respect to the creation of competitive advantage in each one of the business-oriented branches where the company competes (PORTER and MONTGOMERY, 1998). In such a way, it is advanced the concept of competitive strategy, that, according to author, is the application of the strategy involving some integrated sets of activities for a desired position. For Barney and Hesterly (2007, p.10), the competitive advantage says respect to the capacity of a company in generating greater economic value of what competing companies. In short, they are strategies that correspond the specific sectors of the organization, as Marketing, Finances and YOU. The set of these strategies takes the organization to always answer its parameter of action – the vision -, that it describes accurately where the company it wants to be in the future.