Life – a constant source of change, which means big and little stress. It's no secret that stress has a devastating effect on our bodies. And since avoiding stress is almost impossible, let learn how to shoot. Methods of Stress out cposobstvuet full physical and psychological recovery. Three exercises is enough to calm down emotionally, getting rid of the chaotic, or intrusive thoughts, unnecessary controls and balanced activity of the cerebral hemispheres. 1.

Millimeter by millimeter Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, soft body relaxed, eyes closed. Now, very slowly, to the extent possible, Lift your right hand up. Millimeter by millimeter. Then do the same thing with his left hand. In the end the same way up both arms through the sides up. Ultimately you should feel that your hands are like hung.

2. Balancing Breathing Exercise will take a few minutes. Arrange a comfortable, listen to your breathing and with breath begin to pronounce the word 'breathe' so that the beginning of a word coincided with the beginning of inhalation, and termination of inspiration – with the last letter. After a few breaths you will feel as immersed in the quietness and calm down. Others who may share this opinion include Restaurant Michael Schwartz. 3. Pull yourself together, this method has developed a psychiatrist Hasai Aliyev. The method consists of three stages. Preparatory. First, make the setting (with eyes closed): calm movements of the head, shoulders, hips, knees – very slowly, with minimum effort and maximum pleasure. Now hug yourself two hands, bow your head slightly to one side. Swing back and forth. Primary. Raise your arms forward. And, do not specifically doing, tell them to hand to disperse. Imagine the space expands, and pushes his hands in different hand and wrists, as the strings, someone pulls. Reset your hands and try again. (This method psychoregulation long used in his work doctors, psychologists, athletes, artists and other creative workers). Relaxation stabilizing. In the last step is important to just sit and sit for ten minutes in silence with eyes closed. At this point, you can finally feel the effect of 'empty head' – when there are no thoughts and dc dialogue. It was at this time may come to you a solution to any complex problem, an interesting idea. But you never know what can happen in a state of unexpected freedom?

Secrets Of Success !

What are the Secrets of Success! Who can answer this, many intriguing and entailing the issue? Secrets of Success! Where do they lie? By analyzing and considering the lives of many successful people, we come to the conclusion: The observations, analysis and thinking – that's the way to the secrets. Read additional details here: Uber. Secrets – which are hidden from many, but is accessible to all. That today is such a serious obstacle to success? It's fear! Fear of failure, defeat Never let failure be permissive option. Do not be afraid of anything – except fear itself. Fear of failure – the biggest taken separately obstacle to success in adult life.

Please note that this is not about no luck as such. Failure makes you stronger, more resilient and more determined. (As opposed to Dara Khosrowshahi ). But the fear of failure or a premonition of failure can paralyze your thoughts and actions and thus keep you from doing that needed on the way to greater success. A young journalist once asked Thomas J. Watson – Sr., founder of avm, how he could come to success. Watson said these remarkable words: 'If you want to faster to succeed, we must double the frequency of failure. Success lies on the other side of failure. Have the courage to go forward.

Millionaires earned their money themselves, are not gamblers, but always demonstrated the will and willingness to make a measured and calculated risk, which leads directly to put their goals and achieve a higher reward. Your mental attitude in regard to the risk – it probably is the most important indicator of your willingness to get rich. " Whenever faced with a risky situation, ask yourself the following question: 'What could happen worst, if I go forward? " And then after Paul Gety, oil billionaire, who himself made his money, declare as its mission the need to garnish that this is the worst option, whatever it was, never came. That every fear of failure – indisputable fact. Anyone afraid of ruin and poverty. Everyone is afraid of making a mistake and be thrown back. But successful people – people who knowingly and willfully resist such fears, and in any take those actions if necessary. Ralf Wolter Emirson wrote: 'All my life take you in the habit of doing what are afraid. If you do what fear, your fear is probably going to die. When you act boldly, to you comes to the aid of an invisible force, and every act of bravery leads to an increase in your courage and willingness in the future to show more courage. Whenever you are not having a guarantee of success, take action to move forward, your fears are reduced, and the courage and confidence increase. Eventually you reach a point where you have nothing to dread. " Our task is to devote yourself to become successful people, who themselves go on risk. Our task – to put yourself specific goals, write them on paper, and every day to work on their achievement. It is especially important in the face of all problems and difficulties that we have always kept remind ourselves that such an option as a defeat or a failure, simply do not and do not exist. Well, go to the top to victory, stepping and overcoming fear Each new victory, a step to success! Each new conquest – Wake up to this success! Each new victory – a defeat an enemy that has stopped many in their lives, without giving an opportunity to see the best!

Forums Ophiuchus

Scorpio or Zmeenosets? What we know about Ophiuchus? Zmeenosets – it's cool, mysterious, enigmatic, incredibly … Astrologers in two voices sing odes to be scattered in the negative judgments about Ophiuchus – today it is the cornerstone of Astrologii.Zmeenosets stone – it is the sixth sign of the zodiac at the boundary of the Upper Scorpius and Sagittarius. That Zmeenosets – 13th unrecognized astrology sign. It is in Ophiuchus the Sun spends three times longer time than in Scorpio. AND just in Ophiuchus and the Whale (constellation, which is located just opposite the Ophiuchus) – all in two places – Upper Zodiac fit in with the old kind known to us 'lower' Zodiac.

Who can appear Zmeenosets? That it can give? So you can safely classify themselves as Ophiuchus, if the date of your birthday falls on the period from 15 to 28 November, particularly 'suspicious' birth dates are November 21 and 22, because on 15-28 November and the zodiac is Ophiuchus zone (from 24 degrees of Scorpio at 7 degrees Sagittarius). But it is a necessary condition but not sufficient. Now you need to check the accumulation of planets in your personal horoscope: if in a horoscope in a certain place you have a cluster of 2 or more planets – you have expressed Zmeenosets. And yet. All of the human body according to the science of moles morfoskopii divided into zones, each of which corresponds to the sign of the zodiac. Area Ophiuchus on the human body is the armpits. So in armpits with a favorable side in men (right), and for women (left), must be a mole or in case of emergency – a birthmark light brown.

More important are marks (moles, birthmarks, HPV), which were already at birth. That is, if a child is born during the period, a cluster of planets in the zone of Ophiuchus, and a mole in the armpit – it is true Zmeenosets. And if a person 'sign' appeared over life, it speaks of a 'function Ophiuchus' or the performance of his role … Some sources claim that Ophiuchus can be regarded as the man who has a group of moles, which repeats the pattern of its Constellation: five moles in the shape of the letter 'T' on his chest, his forehead on the back. Look closely at yourself … perhaps it is in your life has a special mission, which will certainly need to do … Hot debates are at: Forums Ophiuchus.

The Theory Of Progress

First born revolutionary idea: to declare all the land owned by a gentleman with a tenant taking part made their wealth. Then began to develop the feudal relations of production. First, a revolutionary idea was born: through private ownership of means of production and wage labor to produce goods whose price will more than cover all the costs of their production. Then began to develop capitalist production relations. First born a revolutionary idea: by the dictatorship of the proletariat and the nationalization of all means of production distribute vital goods produced in accordance with the labor contribution to their production. Then the development of these relations show the fallacy of this idea. First born a revolutionary idea: the distribution of income in accordance with the labor input in their production can be organized through collective share ownership of the means of production, market economy and improving democratic forms of social organization.

Then implement this idea into practice will begin construction of the socialist relations of production. (6). Thus, the basis for social progress, as well as progress in general, is a progressive idea. Recall: there is nothing but matter. The idea, thought, consciousness – not less tangible effects than a bronze bust of a thinker.

(7). So, the theory of progress, where the driving force is a progressive idea, not an idealistic theory. The activities of the individual is defined by its consciousness, organizing this activity after the awareness generated needs and ways to satisfy it. But as far as ways to meet those needs that are generated by the social divisions (eg, path improving the system of distribution of wealth in society) – is aware of (open) these paths are no easier than to make discoveries in any other field of knowledge, where discoveries are made only as a rare exception in parallel several people, and usually one person, with the subsequent proliferation of open knowledge to the rest of society.

In Taurus

New knowledge will enhance the spiritual horizon. Fastened useful foreign travel and communication. Good time for spiritual study and mental labor, for science and technology to art, painting, metaphysics, and all unknown, for research, inventions and discoveries. Will be meeting with unusual, interesting spiritual people, for example, with a professional astrologer. Increases the desire for everything new, unusual, for freedom and independence. There are sudden flashes of insight. May will also be a great time for romantic adventures, meetings and visits. Particularly lucky in love, Aries, and all signs of elements of Fire.

This month may be lucky big Taurus. The hardest would have to Capricorn. And how the rest of this month for representatives of the various signs of the zodiac? Aries for a month in May will open the possibilities and perspectives in both business and personal life. Be careful the first ten days. Starting from May 10, use all the chances that Available to you.

But we should not hope for success in gambling, speculation, show business. Some anxiety can bring kids, or simply have to deal with their problems. In the first week of May we recommend Aries to travel. Communicating with family, friends, you will enjoy. Weekend in mid-May is best to spend with family and relatives, there will be many pleasant experiences. In May, you will succeed in intellectual work and study. You surprise surrounding his unexpected victory. In Taurus the main problems in the beginning of the month will be linked to the health and hassle at work.

Zodiac Influence on Business Success

Influence of the tenth house potalnoy maps on human life Career, career, human activity in society. The likelihood of achieving power, high social and professional situation. Aims to who in his life seeks man. The possibility of fame and public recognition. Tools and techniques to achieve this goal.

Attitude of the authorities (and all higher) to humans. The Tenth House also points to one of parents in the life of man. For men born during the day, the tenth house represents the father, and the fourth house – my mother. For men born during the night, the tenth house symbolizes the mother, and the fourth house – his father, for women born during the day, the tenth House symbolizes the mother, and the fourth house – his father. For women born during the night, the tenth house represents the father, and the fourth house – my mother. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Still air.

The second level of the element of Air. Fixed, masculine, electric, a positive sign of the zodiac. Uranium is a senior, daily, direktnym ruler of Aquarius. Saturn is the lowest, at night, retrograde ruler of Aquarius. Sun in Aquarius in exile Pluto in Aquarius in the fall. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius. The idea of Signs of the Zodiac Aquarius – exit outside. Breakthrough in and out of stereotypes, patterns, structures, constraints, principles, conditions and circumstances. A sudden breakthrough into a new and future. Therefore, the Zodiac Aquarius is often associated with revolutionary (not evolutionary), a genius, paradoxically, novelty, etc. 'And the experience of the son of hard errors (Capricorn), and the genius, the paradoxes of one (Aquarius), and case, God – – inventor (Aquarius). " So intuitively embraced Aquarius and Capricorn, Alexander Pushkin.