Fitness Club

When a person is not aware of anything, but really wants to get it, then start not only need him costs (instead of the epigraph) Knowledge – force. And who knows, always trying to nai to deceive in order to profit from those who do not know. This law upon which the service industry, aimed at satisfying the desire of superiority of one person over another. So if you want to "rock bitsuhu" – freed from delusions of imitation, turn your wallet dystrophic. To improve, engaging in physical activity, should be respected above all, this "culture", to bring it in yourself. And then not have to buy what you already have. Once you free yourself from dependence from the "merchants of muscles, you will progress in this matter.

Get up in the same time, eat the same useful and healthy food at about the same time, exercise at about the same time For someone who is is "value-ah-ah-ah-ah-AET, procured one question:" Are you doing this regularly for at least a year? ". If the answer is yes, then congratulations – 90% of success you already have. Because the regime was built in the habit – these are the rails on which will go to improve your engine. Already then go to the sellers' coveted myshits. All that we need to buy – this is an opportunity to raise the "iron". By "hardware" in this case include the Olympic rod, heavy dumbbells, racks for squats, bench for bench press and bars.

It is desirable that it was not cool fitness club, decorated with a winter garden and a crowd instructress female and male sex, and dirty basement, in which a pair of apes gorillas pull a huge boom. The next step would be introduction to the "cult of force." If you are hissing and growling, will raise the complication in those movements that involve lifting and great weight, but do not stretch elastic on pants, then progress – to be! One of the differences "Okie" from T-90 is the amount of fuel If you want to become a tank, but will fill up as fuel for "Zaporozets" (by number), then "lock" and will "lock". And no super-mega-nutritional supplements will not help. You can add that the cost of such products as eggs, milk, fish, cereals, in contrast to super-mega-supplements about the same, but here the result is different. Next on the value factor – is the strict adherence to the course. If something is beginning to work (a combination of programs and diet), then go to extremes and experiments – it's just a waste of time, and it will take many to achieve some results. Yuzay what works for you, and do not listen to different gur. All people are different and need only follow the basic principles, the rest of – individually To be continued