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CAREER PLAN In this phase we go to describe a plan of intervention and accompaniment, being presented a career plan in order to improve the organizacional climate and the motivation of the laborers of the plant. PLAN OF CAREER OF THE LABORERS:it is of extreme importance to promote a change in the behavior of the group. In this in case that we go to promote a career plan stops in the company of Mr. Matos; SECTION 1 (CONSCRIPTION CONCEPT) Before presenting a plan of career for the laborers of the company of Mr. Matos, we go to describe the conscription concept.

The companies need human capital to fulfill its objectives, goals and missions, and for this reason they need to search form of if keeping competitive innovators and. According to CHIAVENATO (2004), the conscription of people can be understood as a process that the entity uses to attract qualified candidates, using the specific techniques and methodologies, with the intention to supply its necessity in the election processes. CHIAVENATO (2003) pontua that the conscription is carried through from the referring data ace current and future necessities of human capital of the companies and consists of a study on the sources capable to supply specific necessities that will make possible ace organizations to reach its objectives. We will soon present plus a career plan the company Mr. Matos: Internal conscription (INTERVENSO) It consists of the spreading of the opened vacant in, inside of the company, focando the domestic market as pontecial recruiter of qualified employees to assume the chance in different sectors and activities; External conscription The same it happens when the organization searchs in the work market the candidates for an election process. Half of Conscriptions The ways of conscription the vehicles used for the organizations to notify its vacant external internal or. Half of Conscriptions more Used – Corporative Site or of Job: it is a way of conscription more chosen by many organizations for the attraction of professionals.