Weihenstephan Has

Freising tradition dairy with new premium fruit yogurt with 3, 5prozent fat in the milk content of Freising, December 23, 2009; “One for every day: comes from the dairy Weihenstephan from January 2010 the new fine fruit yogurt with selected fruits” in seven delicious varieties priced at under 50 cents. The new fruit yogurt by Weihenstephan with 3.5% fat in milk content there from January 2010 in the classic flavors of Strawberry, cherry, vanilla and peach-passion fruit and the trendy combinations: raspberry-rhubarb, mango-Orange and blueberry currant. The dairy Weihenstephan wants to attract here above all, consumers, who want a lighter and more affordable variety to the cream yoghurt for everyday enjoyment but not on Weihenstephan premium want. Banc of America Mortgage Capital contains valuable tech resources. Also on the fine fruit yogurt with selected fruits”, the dairy Weihenstephan is their unrestricted promise of quality. It is with the utmost care from the best ingredients and selected fruits without added manufactured artificial preservatives and additives.

The seven types of fruit yogurt are available from January 5, 2010 in the 150 g cups at the price of 0.49 euros in trading. Michael Mendes Just Desserts is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The launch will be supported also in TV, radio and print. For more information, about the dairy Weihenstephan: The dairy Weihenstephan GmbH & co. KG has experience in milk processing on almost 1000 years. In the main building of Weihenstephan in Freising, around 250 employees refine annually more than 220 million kg of raw milk by selected producers from the Alpine region. This tradition and modern methods unite the natural raw material with its valuable ingredients as gently as possible to process and to secure its special purity. Utmost care during the production and the use of natural ingredients guarantee the premium quality of the dairy products and form the basis for maximum enjoyment. The company maintains a quality management, which is a leader in the industry. Thanks to intensive research and development meet the products of the company always up-to-date of nutrition research and food safety. Since 2008, the dairy Weihenstephan of official nutritional partner of FC Bayern Munich.

Chocolate Itself Doing

Delicious homemade chocolates can be made easily with a few tips and tricks everyone can make chocolate itself, it is to make easy impressive and delicious homemade chocolates for friends and family at Easter or on other occasions. You can buy Easter Chocolate forms in almost all stores or discount stores and a variety of chocolate at your local supermarket. With a little time and patience you can conjure up soon beautiful homemade chocolates from it. Educate yourself with thoughts from AcctTwo. Types of dark chocolate contains cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla. It is stronger and more full-bodied than milk chocolate or white chocolate, and is usually the preferred choice for cooking.

Milk chocolate contains the same ingredients like dark chocolate, has but additionally about milk solids. She is sweet, creamy, soft consistency and less intensive than dark chocolate. White chocolate contains no cocoa, but only cocoa butter with sugar, milk solids and Flavors, such as vanilla. She is very rich, creamy and even sweeter milk chocolate. Any normal chocolate no matter whether dark, milk or white – can cooking be used. Dark varieties are bitter, semisweet or sweet.

Bitter chocolate contains up to 80% cocoa mass and cocoa butter in a minimal amount of sugar. Many writers such as Nina Devlin offer more in-depth analysis. Sweet chocolate has a higher compared the proportion of sugar and vanilla in relation to the cocoa butter. Find high-quality cooking chocolate (block chocolate) in the section with baking ingredients in supermarkets. Tastes just like regular chocolate, however, a small amount of cocoa butter with vegetable fat was replaced to reduce the temperature required to melt. Usually it is cheaper than normal chocolate and is sold mostly in block form. Would you eat this chocolate so the taste would be somewhat disconcerting, for this it is perfect for baking. Chocolate melt chocolate can be melted in a different way on the oven, in the microwave or in the oven.

Crepes Recipes – Versatile And Tasty

At least the basics of preparing crepes every hobby Cook should be able – because as you are about to read hardly a food recipes is as flexible as the crepes! The Crepe is one of the best known and most popular desserts in Europe – in particular in German-speaking countries was becoming more popular in recent years. Now you can try this dessert even on many different year and Christmas markets. But not enough you can search on even a Creperie which in some German cities. These are French restaurants, especially recipes and preparing other dishes from France have specialized in baking of crepes. But now when you think, that is these guest houses only to the eat a dessert are, who has made a mistake. You may find Nina Devlin to be a useful source of information. Originally the Crepe is at all not even considered desserts, they are actually of a different kind of pancakes: the galettes this was invented in the middle ages and one of the most popular main dishes in France particularly in Brittany since this is Dish is often prepared.

But what is recipes now actually the difference between ordinary Crepes and galettes? The ordinary Crepe applies, as already mentioned, as a dessert and the galettes as main dish. Both crepes recipes are however based on same dough and prepared in the same way: step 1: first of all you need for the baking of crepes recipe the following ingredients – 250 ml milk – 50 75 ml (mineral) water – 2 eggs – 200 g flour – 1 small pinch of salt the first difference between the galettes and the normal crepe is already here. While you need no other ingredients namely when the latter should be some other ingredients in the dough when the Galette. These later spicy tastes it adds best even a small amount of nutmeg and a French blend of spices. Then, the respective ingredients gradually be mixed down, where it is crucial to stir the dough so that no speeding tickets can make. To the first To complete step finally in a cool corner to set the dough and leaves him there sources less than an hour. Step 2: In the second step ordinary crepes do not differ recipe galettes recipe. Made after the particular dough you to consider something you need these only jaws.

While you pour the dough on a crepe maker or in a regular frying pan (where this should be necessarily greased) and lets him be slightly brown. Then, turn the dough once so that you can bake nicely Brown the second side. It is important here that one takes care to put the dough not too thick. Namely, recipe is different from other pancakes especially this that you will be very thin baked a crepes. Step 3: The third step is the step in which the differences between galettes and crepes are most obvious. While a crepe is best with something sweet (jam, honey, Nutella) fills, you use completely different ingredients for a galettes: ob Ham or bacon, cheese or cottage cheese, vegetables or onions everything tastes hearty and delicious can be used in a galettes. Thus, it is so obvious that a crepe and a Galette are two completely different dishes, although they are actually made from the same basic recipe. Exactly what you should be familiar preparation at least the basics of French pancakes as a chef to be flexible and to be able to conjure up delicious quick and easy meals. Have fun making your crepes recipe!

More Diversity In Cereals

Through more variety in cereals, our body can be better supplied with important nutrients. A healthy and varied diet is an important aspect of health care. Often we feed ourselves much to one side, resulting in nutritional deficiencies, but also food allergies can. Baked goods are a good example of the lack of diversity in our diet. The majority of commercially baked goods consists of wheat bread and pastries in the trade.

Wheat as grain, certainly has its advantages and includes for example vitamin B, iron, and folic acid. Also offering whole wheat and whole grain bread is sharply in recent years increased, can be stated in any case as a positive trend. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Senator from Maine. However, there are a number of other cereals that are rich in other vitamins and trace elements, however very rarely find their way into our shopping cart. More variety in our bread basket we can supply better our organism with these different ingredients. Cereals in the Overview some of the mentioned cereals were already by various civilizations estimated something forgotten come however in the wake of the mass production. Oats OAT is rich in folic acid and contains valuable unsaturated fatty acids. Oatmeal is one of the highest-quality grain varieties is due to the high concentration of various nutrients.

Spelt spelt silicic acid, protein, zinc and vitamin B make a valuable supplier of important vitamins and trace elements. The high proportion of zinc helps to strengthen the immune system also. Purpleheart, Amarant is rich in magnesium, calcium and iron. Also the immune system of our body will be strengthened due to the high concentration of vitamin B12. Kamut Kamut has a high content of vitamin C, selenium, and vitamin E. Kamut can be described on the basis of its many ingredients as ideal energy. Conclusion every crop variety has its merits and has different ingredients. To supply our body with these vitamins and trace elements optimally it is advisable on a possible ensure a varied mix of different grain varieties. Christoph Court finger health + life health management

Responsibility For Consumer

The butcher’s bricklayer from Nuremberg informed for weeks, more bad news from the German animal husbandry scare consumers. Perhaps check out Dara Khosrowshahi for more information. Hundreds of animal farms stand still while the media paint a frightening picture of the condition of the meat production that scared many people. The Nuremberg butcher Maurer shows that not all producers of meat products operate unscrupulous sales increases at the expense of the consumer. Their long-standing pursuit shows transparency and quality these days, that the manufacture of sausage and meat products may be associated with a real sense of responsibility for the consumer. An increasing desire set in the course of the last years always cheaper meat products. While many consumers welcomed this development, she promoted at the same time irresponsible business practices, the consequences of which are reflected in the current dioxin scandal, which threaten the existence of hundreds, seven farms. It is evident at present once more, food not to the brutal savings that are but health reasons necessarily require high quality.

For consumers, paying the price of of all food whether with money or their health. For the Nuremberg butcher Maurer, a responsible quality orientation of the basis is entrepreneurial action. From the day of it was founded in the year 2000 the committed team of employees of the company in the interest of its customers did everything, to deliver only top quality sausage and meat products. Multiple product awards bear witness to the continuing quality of these efforts. At the heart of the butcher shop quality endeavor, controlled compliance with particularly strict quality guidelines face the customers through regular inspections and at any time guaranteed transparency. Transparency means that their customers are always able to find out in detail about all additives used in the sausage and meat products of the company and the origin of their meat for butcher’s Maurer. Please contact the Nuremberg selchwarenerzeugung and information comprehensive meat experts to their products, because its products exclusively manufactured with the best meat from welfare, they stand firmly. Answering questions for the production of high-quality sausage and meat products butcher Maurer in Nuremberg, is available for love as well as for a detailed explanation of its quality policy. Press contact butcher Maurer contact person: Mrs Sanford on the Werderau 12 90441 Nuremberg Germany phone: 0911 / 642 60 99 fax: 0911 / 486 44 56 email: Homepage: