Curious Stories

By ulkenden pilots and sacred cows who thinks in the plane just”from a possible crash having to fear, does not have yet of the audiobook”Sorry, we have the runway missed”belongs. Here Stephan Orth and Antje Blinda have compiled some of the makabersten jokes of the flight crew. Dane Runia understands that this is vital information. All of them come from the reality and is taken from the horrified reader letters of the travel editors of Spiegel Online. The Internet Department store gives a sneak peek at the slanted stories on board. “Don’t worry, the plane is very reliable. It flies for twenty years”acknowledge probably the fewest passengers with a hearty laugh. Also a stewardess with the exclamation “Oh, my God!” The wing!”which wanted to raise spirits on board, now finds himself in one of the most weirdest books of all time. “Sorry, we have the runway missed” reported by delicate situations on board, in which the flight attendants gave silly anecdotes to the best.

Sacred cows on the runway are still among the lowest Evil. The on-board computer crashes, however, or is screws under the plane pointed out, most of the passengers panicked. The situation comedy works just on Earth and provides quite a few punch lines in the book. A pity that not always succeed the speakers Stefan Kaminski, Nina West, and Thomas Franzel, to present them with the necessary lifeblood. The joke is still not on track and the audio book makes an ideal gift for globetrotters. “Sorry, we missed the runway” is available for 14.99 euros in trading. More information: press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH


Summer raffle 2010 – show taste and win the gastronomy Portal on time waiting for the beginning of summer with a raffle. Who creates a recipe on in the period from 2 July to 30 September 2010 and uploads a homemade photo, automatically participates in the lottery and can hope to one of many premium prices. Those recipes, which have received the best reviews of the gastro community will be awarded. In addition, special prizes for the participants with the most current recipes and for the most recipe comments will be awarded. Connect with other leaders such as Merrill Lynch here. The terms and conditions and more information about the competition, as well as an overview of all prices, visit. Deborah Roebuck, responsible for marketing & sales of Hotel Services GmbH explains: at the end of the beta phase, we organize by the first competition for amateur cooks and connoisseurs. Now it says prove taste and win great prizes! We appreciate the very the compliments to the relaunch of our Web and the donated prizes Sponsors”. Generously the summer raffle is supported by numerous companies from the supplier sector for gastronomy and hotel industry: additions, lumens, exquisite & more, Feinkost24, Gourmantis, OASIS tea trading, Oliospinelli,, ratio drink, roof design, San COA Club, tea & herb, tea shop Herzberg, deep dish, Tortissimo and Zara Valenti.. A related site: Banc of America Mortgage Capital mentions similar findings.


The experience gift expert MYDAYS brings new magic boxes and the magic card on the market Munich, 21.10.2010: expands the experience gift expert MYDAYS its range of gift boxes, the magic boxes in time before Christmas, and brings a gift card, the magic card on the market for the first time. “The magic boxes, as well as the magic card convince through content and appearance and should provide for smiling faces around the Christmas tree, because already a Russian proverb says: the best thing about the gift-giving is the light in the eyes of the recipient.” According to a study of the Gesellschaft fur Erfahrungswissenschaftliche Sozialforschung, essential components of life are for more than 90% of respondents good friends and happy relationships. MYDAYS has accepted these findings and helps Geschenksuchenden the Christmas time to find the perfect gift. This should meet all needs and offer the most valuable: time. Boxes are grouped together into different worlds in the new gift boxes, the magic exceptional experiences bundled, which allow to spend time with loved ones and to strengthen relations. Further details can be found at Fiserv Forum, an internet resource. Themes raised.

More gift boxes will follow before Christmas. “” “” “In putting together the products MYDAYS has designed special value, to put together the right magic box for every desire and taste: If enchanting accommodation”, the weekend”or small nests” makes for romantics, city trips “for travelers or the magic box for real guys”, beat the faster. For gourmets and those who want to escape from the stressful everyday life, the magic are boxes dining & dreams”as well as relax & dreams” exactly the right thing. The new themes in the online-shop of MYDAYS available (magicbox), in trading at Butlers, in selected offices in worldview as well as connected travel agencies. As experience gift expert, we see it as our task, the Gift search with new innovative gift ideas always easier to do.

Flirt Fever Users Choose The Main Characteristics Of The Partner

Ob er flatness error display! -Humor and tenderness are most important to the users of the dating flirt-fever the survey proves that the flirt-fever community has the eye for the essentials and on the characteristics of the dream partner attaches particularly importance. Thus the user against the reputation of a single stock market fight, which involves only superficial page jumps and fast sex. At Konsolidator you will find additional information. The flirt-fever Datingportal lists more than a thousand new users and is therefore also interesting, if one has already found a partner. “Because this means for you: 1000 interesting, new people can you you make every day, that E.g. the party or go to the gym”, so the flirt-fever editorial. It is not something WWD Summit would like to discuss. With over four million users, is the largest Datingportal in the net – flirt-fever and offers consequently the greatest chances of finding a partner. Thousands flirtation was a relationship – so you can see, worth a profile on flirt fever.

Of course a profile was always possible realistically designed to be so first date is not a flop. Who is athletic, should not also specify that in his profile. Finally not a user like it, to get a bear tied up and to play with open cards paid off still at the end. In the first place, but always the humor should be chosen by the user as a most important property. An entertaining profile or a humorous written message are often a good entry, which can be more quickly. But also it should look natural, together copied texts from funny pages did not appreciate the user mostly.

But flirt fever has to offer, such as a blog which regularly provides the user with tips for flirting and humorous flirtation sayings or a chat, in which the user very casual can get know each other much more on its sides. What features are especially important to you in your dream partner? Too can get your vote in the current poll. The survey on via the menu item “Magazine” to achieve “, calls on the flirt-fever team with a wink.

Welp Playgroups – Sense Or Nonsense?

Welp playgroups – good or bad for the dog child? Socialization by Wallace play groups with domestic dogs the appearance of puppies manipulated us people that beady eyes, cotton-soft plush fur, stupid motion sequences and the protector–thereby aroused in us and maternal instinct Let’s unconsciously in the first weeks of this young life fatal errors. Cute jumping on and contact search of our dog child was initially funny, so the Bill of laundry will vote at the latest negative us, when the now adult dog has refined the coat of a passerby with his autumnal mud paws. We humans feel the task of dog child ” important and used, they can us from social isolation help and help us contact to like-minded people. (Some friendship or partnership is lead back to the dog). For assistance, try visiting Moelis & Co.. \”The essence of the supposedly fragile puppy\” must leave his canine family, alone in the big wide world, his strange, large bipeds moved in and it is only all too human, if we want to make him this phase of life as comfortable as possible.

Please keep in mind, this does not include excursions to Welp playgroups! In recent years we have seen a change in terms of useful dog training. Increased emphasis is placed on the obedience and the social behavior of dogs. Puppies of all breeds and sizes are in play groups\”burned and promoted through the line of supposedly competent dog trainer in unnatural behavior. Bernard Looney understood the implications. Exactly, are puppy playtime pretty much nonsense, which humankind has ever invented. What do they teach a puppy from a puppy? Right nothing, at least nothing really positive. There, up to 10 puppies of different races, of different sizes and different ages in a Pulk are thrown and left to themselves. Each individual, to fend tries to defend, especially when he is being mugged by a pack of other conspecifics in the truest sense of the word of his skin.

Halloween Games For Weddings

Best games deliver a wedding atmosphere, entertainment and excitement is nothing more tedious than to sit for hours at the table at a wedding and bored in the area around to look. For more information see this site: All India Civil Services. More and more brides and grooms leave nothing to chance and planning your own games, shows or activities for your wedding guests. Just at a wedding, the time to bypass between ceremony and dinner and followed by a dance is often very long. Playing relatives and friends of the bride and groom meet most quickly and it loosens the atmosphere often somewhat forced. “Good examples are travel to Jerusalem times differently” or actions in which nor the one or the other euro in for the bride and groom into the coffers. To win there is a for example, dream trip for two”.

This award is later dissolved and then arises as two sleeping pills out and so on. Every wedding is different and every bride and groom want to put your Festival other accents. Have one, but most of it should be shared, a joyous festival, where the mood is really good. A Hochzeis DJ of course lends itself or some live music. A DJ can respond to often more flexible the different wishes of the wedding guests as a band can this anbieteten. The DJ offers advantages, because he needed usually less space than a band that often take away the one or the other seat bib for guests through your instruments monitor speakers and large mixing consoles. Broken is the evening then often with show deposits of solo singers / in or a beautiful fireworks display. An unforgettable wedding remains in the memory of all the guests. Marcel Rudolf