Basement Stores

Profitability runoff stores can reach up to 600%. The profitability of such clothing is quite high and this despite the fact that the cost of their opening small. In the runoff shops there manikenov, expensive equipment, and other delights. When placing special garments can be arranged in two to three times more goods than in the boutiques. Creating a shop on sale of confiscated goods costs about $ 20-30 thousand, and to open a boutique with the latest fashion – $ 100 thousand procurement shops usually directly engaged the owner, who himself is looking for suppliers. There are shops usually around transport interchanges at the periphery of the city.

Owners runoff stores make a profit not only from the sale of residuals – also brings profit selling clothing bespoke (eg China), as well as selling clothes with small defects, which are easy to fix. Fly in the ointment Despite the attractiveness of the runoff of trade, and in this business does have its drawbacks. Owner drainage network of shops, on condition of anonymity, said that at small cost to the organization of this businesses can save money on administrative salaries store. To sell the maximum of the goods at a starting price (before sales), store manager must have the charisma and intuition. From a good administrator to whether there will be at the store their trade balances.

Indeed, precisely because of their own balances, many drains eventually become illiquid stocks of goods. A further scenario is quite predictable: heaped rags on counters and a huge sign: "Complete sale in connection with the closing of the store." Sell catabatic store is not easy, given that small stock-shops, usually rent. "Over time, small drainage shopping area of 50-100 square meters. m will be less – predicts Vadim fidgets. – Their owners, mostly former traders of local markets, for which stock-shop only an intermediate stage of development – from trading in the market to its own outlet for the sale of branded product. In addition, the basement catabatic shopping increasingly difficult to withstand competition from large department stores permanent sales.