Brand new and only to the Oktoberfest: ‘ the big farmer Oktoberfest Gaudi’ with 5 euro tiny gingerbread heart voucher on each mug Wasserburg am Inn, in July 2010. Soon it is again: storm over six million people from around the world to Munich on the Theresienwiese, to celebrate the traditional Oktoberfest. “While all visitors befitting to celebrate with the this year’s 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest, the private dairy farmer presents a new variety in the Oktoberfest-design: the big farmer Oktoberfest Gaudi”. Jonah Bloom has many thoughts on the issue. In the upbeat Oktoberfest mug, this delicacy is to the real treat: crunchy chocolate cereal balls Nestle fruity banana pieces, both appeared together in the usual mild, cremig-stirred yogurt. But beware: the delicious feast there only as a limited edition in the period from September 6 to October 2.

Thus, the large farmer Oktoberfest is Gaudi”the ideal variety to Hax’n and roast chicken. A related site: Mike Gianoni mentions similar findings. But what would a visit to Oktoberfest without gingerbread heart? This question prepares connoisseurs of the great farmer “Oktoberfest Gaudi” Fortunately no headache. Because on each cup of yogurt, a 5 euro coupon code of Fotoherzerl is located. He can be entered during the online order of a personalized Lebkuchenherzerls under and will be deducted from the total price. From 06 September, the large farmer Oktoberfest is Gaudi”when available, the non-binding retail sale price is limited edition in a 250-gram Cup 0.55 euros. About the private dairy farmer as a dairy by Franz Seraph Bauer founded in 1887, the J.

Bauer GmbH & co. is KG with an annual turnover of over EUR 500 million and more than 300 products the largest fruit yogurt manufacturers in Europe. 500 employees produce cheese only daily fresh milk daily 2.3 million cups of yogurt products and nearly 13 tonnes in Wasserburg am Inn. The private dairy is still owned by the family of peasant and since 2007 in the fifth generation of the brothers Markus and Florian Bauer. At the heart of all decisions of the Management says the desire always to provide the customers with natural yoghurt and dairy products at a reasonable price. Especially the sender as private dairy, which stands for natural and fresh milk consumption, as well as the highest standards of quality the builders advertise products in whole Germany. Bauer.