I Like: With Facebook On The Team Photo Of Hannover 96

For Hannover 96, the lead agency for digital surf starts a large-scale confessor campaign on Facebook for Hannover 96 starts the digital lead agency surf a large-scale confessor campaign on Facebook. Under the motto, we are more than 49,000 “surf realized a campaign in which fans of Hanover may rejoice 96 on exclusive prizes. As Grand Prize 4 Facebook fans of the Bundesliga have the ability to perpetuate in the photo-op with the pros on the team photo. Surf supervised the complete online communications of the Football Association and the social Web campaign from conceptual, graphical and technical side. The large-scale Facebook campaign running until the end of the current Bundesliga season with the intentions to motivate more Facebook fans than places in the AWD arena, the home stadium of the Club. The stadium holds 49,000 seats and more Facebook fans are the target.

Surf integrates the Confessor campaign on the official Facebook page of the first division and put a focus on viral in the technical implementation Support. In addition to the usual tell-A-friend and share features corkboard, the Internet Agency implements an automatic selection of friend. So user can determine the Facebook friend after participating in the Lottery with just one click, with which they want to on the official team photo. The chosen one is then informed on his bulletin board about the sweepstakes. The draw for the prizes is based on the tier system: added more fans during the campaign of the Confessor, the winnings will be more attractive. A visit behind the scenes in our press lounge or one of eleven jerseys signed by the pros for three fans waving it respectively. At the beginning of the second half, surf had implemented a new design concept for the website of the football club. Emotionality and social media are also in the current Facebook campaign in the Centre of the new site.

Now officially on the team photo below: hannover96 surf is a Web design agency for efficient communication and E-business with offices in Cologne and Berlin. With full service for corporate websites, E-business and online marketing projects Kaufhof, L ‘ Oreal, idea Creativmarkt, Feinkost Kafer and toom BauMarkt include among other things the 1st FC Cologne, GALERIA solid customer base. More information: contact: Surf GmbH & co. KG Silvia Vonhoff Northcliffe ring 78 50670 Cologne Tel. +49(0) 221 / 913920-195 E-Mail:

Ultimo/q2b: Sponsorship Creates Creative Win-win Situations

Founders of new businesses and small businesses can take advantage of sponsoring Munich / Bielefeld. Sponsorship is mostly known from the sports, culture and Association. However, even small businesses can take advantage of the opportunities of this creative business financing and win in addition to advertising effectiveness and image. With the former manager of Baker and sponsorship expert of Andreas bode wins a professional Federation Ultimo/q2b and offers now also sponsorship consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises. \”Sponsorship creates creative win-win situations for the sponsor and the sponsored organization or project\”, know Andreas bode, Member of the Board of the German Association of sponsorship and business angel in the creative industries. \”That has a positive effect on the image, extends the reach and success of previous marketing activities and is very cost effective.\” Sponsorship is an interesting and promising area in almost all sectors, but especially in the creative industries. Anyway be cooperation in fashion and sponsorship is just one particularly elegant form of cooperation of different partners. Andreas bode is a diploma in business administration.

University lecturer, key-note speaker, author and certified company and Foundation consultant. From its long-standing practice, he knows many successful examples of successful sponsorship in small and young companies. He supported both sides in the search for the appropriate partner and thus ensures a maximum success. His expertise in the creative industries and in the sponsorship he gained as the founding Managing Director of the Bertelsmann music publisher and MCPS in London. Since 2009, he is also expert in creative industries initiative cultural and creative industries of the Federal Government.

Bode, it is important to work in interdisciplinary project teams. \”Therefore I have decided to join the Federation of entrepreneurs by Ultimo/q2b\”, he explains. Just the creative industries need much external input and multidisciplinary and cross-industry expertise. \”As many experts from the finance, consulting, and services are a great help.