White House Energy

The preoccupation of the man has invented economic incentives for that when avoiding the CO2 formation, to diminish CO2 in our planet is compensated economically. For example, by each ton of CO2 that is stopped producing is a prize of 8 Euros, it means that instead of to use production techniques of energy with fatal the inevitable CO2 production, that energy takes place that is of 2.612 Kwh by other clean methods applauding therefore the obtaining of this energy without resorting to the methods conventional or detrimental for the plants, animal and the man properly. If in the tile roofs of the White House, where President Obama lives. solar paddles would be used 60 to obtain MWh of energy to produce electrical current or to warm up the water; ton of CO2 would be being been stopping producing 28 to exempt the traditional fuel use. Only in the White House. If we accepted to more than 1000 White Houses, how many hundreds of tons of nonrenewable energy would be being been stopping trying. Consequently the CO2 emanation it would disappear for this equivalent and so we would be improve the Earth health. Therefore, firstly to accept our great commitment.

Commitment with One Same one. Not to hope that they do it to others because is like not to do anything, hoping that others do and we are evangelizadores comfortable desktop. pleases the one to us that does it to others? the human activity is impressive. Each of us we consumed almost 10 tons of CO2 to the year with as daily activities as traveling, to ignite the light of the small pumps, use of the heating elements, the conditioned air because without it much people do not live but simply what we are doing indirectly. A simple fact to bathe with excess of water, or the most elementary like washing itself mouth with the water in the laundry running by more than five minutes to ducto of exhausted liquid, or an electrical plate of the housewife when it is left if connected use but to the electrical line.