The Law Of Attraction

What is the law of attraction? It is one of the main universal laws governing the order in every moment of our lives in a conscious or unconscious, no matter who you are or where you are part of the world, this law always works in every moment of our lives and in all things that happen to you and shapes the creation of our lives through our thoughts. Charles Haanel in his book tells us that the law of attraction is the largest and most infallible law of the whole system depends. But to respect the law, thus creating our lives through thoughts?, Just what you think is what you attract into your life, stop a moment and think "that focuses your mind now, joy or sadness?, "wealth or poverty? Serenity "or chaos? Soon you can take a tour of your reality, how do you live?, What are you?, What and who you are? safe and you will realize that what I explain the law of attraction applies to what you live now, and is the result of your thoughts and therefore what you are creating and what you will manifest in your life constantly. You are solely responsible for what you get in your life right now, but many people say, how can I be responsible for being sick or poor?, And if, you are no one is more responsible than you, this does not mean you've consciously drawn simply the law of attraction does know or not know the difference is to apply properly for our benefit. In reality the universe or God as you want to call does not understand thoughts, understands the vibrations transmitted emotionally with our thoughts.

For example, if every time your mind is focused on the scarcity of either money, happiness, love, your emotions transmit energy to attract more of that into your life. The law of attraction is not opinion, if something is good or bad simply draws what is in your inner world and in turn what your vibrations are emitting. This Act is very old, indeed, some apply it properly without knowing and not knowing how to express what they want but they do naturally. When the movie came out very large boomed, thanks to that now many people have learned to and studied in depth, so if I would tell them is that many people have misunderstood the content you teach, such as why we recommend that think what we want and many people assume that just thinking repetitively get what they want, this is a great way to attract what we want or desire in our lives, but must be combined in other things, such as to action, not weight come down thinking or imagining that you exercise all day, but if that will help you in your life to manifest the best options for you towards your desire to lose weight, the gym right or proper diet, or the invitation to participate in an activity that you really like, if you do not put action to the obvious opportunities to achieve your desire, then do not truly fulfilled. This is the idea that many people perceive when watch the movie The Secret, it still does not mean it's wrong is great! because it is a portal that gives us the knowledge to the ability of our inner power and our thoughts. If you learn to apply the law of attraction will help you properly, love right, live a happier life, abundant and balanced in all aspects of your life.