The Group

The saint of each son has personal character e, therefore, it must have a special name that identifique.26 In this way, Nana places it the disposal of the preparation necessary to serve contents Iyemanj and waits that its devotion can contribute with the possible reintegration of Aru in the community protected for this orix, therefore the disobedience to it of it moved away and isolated, becoming it other people’s the group. To if excluding from the Aru group it will pass for a depersonalization process, of identitria, similar crisis what Firmino, while excluded of the community, demonstrated to be. All its being was pure disaggregation. However it speaks as white, however as black. Its speech reproduced the assimilacionista state of the white culture why it passed, renegando its origin. Therefore, to firm themselves as person, the necessary black if to deny, but as it has that to be he himself, it enters in total contradiction.

In the Aru city it will have that if to collate, if to fortify in the matrical inheritances not to yield to the assimilacionismo. Therefore in this process it will suffer, as they suffer the majority from the blacks of this country, a desvirtuamento of its identity. New social environment, which will adentrar, persists in denying its people, its culture, its religion taking them to search it affirmation in its proper auto-negation. The process of social relations, in the perspective of the socialization of the individual or group, is a basic element in the plan of the identity of the person human being. ' ' The identity of the black enters in crisis in the measure where its socialization will be given in a difficult picture, in view of that the identity of the person is configuration of groups and categories social and in this the black is cindido in the social relation, therefore the social parameters consist in aspects superstructures that denied the ontolgica condition of negro' '.