USDollar Index

Time will show that this statement is irrefutable. The CPI rises 0.9% in October from September and the annual rate + 2.3%, above expectations. The FTSE came to fall 2.5% this morning to 9.890 and after the European release rose 300 points. LATAM Brazil 71.195 – 0.62% Petrobras (PBR – 1.28%) reported profit of R $ 8,560 million (US $ 5 billion) in Q3, up 7.9% against 2009, and had income 54.740 million reais (US $ 31,800 billion). The revaluation of the dollar was a key factor that allowed him to earn R$ 1.4 billion in Q3, since last year the company most indebted in dollars. With the most undervalued dollar, the impact of debt was lower.

The airline GOL (GOL) won R $ 110 million (US $ 64 million) in Q3, 41% more compared to 2009. Its turnover increased 12.5% against 2009 thanks to the 23% increase in demand for flights. With the real so appreciated, all travel in Brazil and spending record tourism. Dollar R$ 1,719 + 0.46% MEXICO 36.304 – 0.31% ARGENTINA 3.340 + 0.90% dollar $3.98. Gold $1,387 – 1.54% petroleum $86,07 – 1.98% coins USDollar Index $77,947 – 0,35% EURUSD 1,3730 + 0.47% Paola Pecora – special report on international markets as closed international markets? What factors drove the rise of 15% in the indexes on Wall Street? Why it continues down the dollar? Why is the currency in emerging markets revalued? Closures, international markets analysis, commodities, currencies, and daily update about everything that happened in the markets tomorrow so you own the information and analysis necessary to start the trading day saving you time and money. All summarized in a report only. Sent to your email every morning before box of the opening of Wall Street. If you want to subscribe, click here.