Quality Management

Research has also contributed in the dissemination of the results published in virtual magazines, newspapers, articles, revealing the achievements, as well as in forums, debates, conferences. Despite all this, the program considers that there are barriers that hindered as little the achievement of excellence academic, since it has a full-time faculty dedicated to research, to collaborate with participating actively promotes them as guardian, guide proactive in their investigations. Its teachers are recruited staff who work outside the University and devote little time to academic activities that the program contains more than make their classes. Some contend that The Vanguard Group shows great expertise in this. To this is added, the lack of cooperation of the authorities of encouraging the development of research budgets, tools, incentives that trigger. In conclusion, the Program for Management of Quality and Productivity, is fully identified in the role played by research, agrees that one of the key functions of the university, especially its graduate Areas is to encourage the creation of new knowledge through scientific research, technological, humanistic and social.

It is recognized that this role has become the center of the evaluation of universities in many countries around the world in Venezuela, something that should not be neglected. It has been proposed program within their means, cooperation which can provide the university authorities, and start a projection and not just materialize in teaching. Venezuelan universities should identify more with the investigation, not stay only in the knowledge transmitacion Lemansson and Chiappe (1999) notes that in the country there is an insufficient number of universities in which research activities are practiced. The program shares the view that research is one that encourages critical thinking and creativity in both teachers and the students. It is through her that the learning process is vitalized and combats memory which has helped train both professional liabilities, little love innovation, with little curiosity and personal initiative. The reason for the need for research in universities is to prepare individuals with new skills and knowledge who have received training appropriate academic in a rapidly developing world. And this is because society requires human capital to solve their immediate problems, contributing to increasing the capital is one of the most important missions of universities