Do You Think Leaving Iraq General ?

As much as the development of an endless discussion on the possible military withdrawal from Iraq, the facts and realities on the ground appear to contradict any intention to retreat. One might suspect that if the White House contributes to this debate from time to time, it is precisely because he wants to distract public opinion from the heart of the problem: U.S. will not abandon Iraq, although the reasons for doing so are overwhelmingly convincing. According to AP reports, during the month of May, U.S. diplomats will begin to fill the huge embassy built in Baghdad’s Green Zone, whose cost is estimated at 736 million dollars. Comparative extension with the Vatican, is the largest U.S.

diplomatic mission. It consists of twenty Explosion resistant buildings, covers an area of 40 hectares and provides a fortified work area with about a thousand staff, plus numerous armed guards, hired staff of and auxiliary services of all kinds, for a total of about four thousand people. Senate sources, we know that the annual cost will be around 1,200 million dollars. Power plant has its own independent water supply, sports fields, swimming pools, malls and all kinds of establishments that make U.S. a fragment located in the center of Baghdad. And although it is equipped with an autonomous system of air defense missile for some time staff working in construction had to be protected from mortar attacks of the Iraqis who wanted to show the vulnerability of impressive complex. It is not just a U.S.