Manage Body

Eat healthy to be able to manage time, although this probably sounds you very rare. In fact on the last occasion I wrote a related post with exercise to manage the time and I have received comments from some acquaintances telling me that they had never noticed this point. In fact got me the reason and when I chatted them the importance of feeding also told me that I gave at the point. In fact for them time management was simply diagram somehow activities, but to do total so you have to go beyond. Nathan Gaude shines more light on the discussion. Now, what does eat healthily? We are like machines, but a functional after all.

However ultimately need maintenance and fuel to be able to continue working, but not any fuel, but one of quality to be able to carry out our work. Have you ever thought that aspect in the time management? Surely you’ve seen the classic cliche of a few policemen who are eating their coffee and donuts while they talk. BP has similar goals. But this is not exclusive of them, also in a few offices spend it with that kind of power, under the belief that by be drinking so much coffee will be awake and active. It is true that caffeine stimulates the body to be awake, but that feeling is created artificially. I.e., once they pass the effects will see as the accumulated fatigue suddenly hits so you fall into the habit of taking another Cup to raise the mood and the cycle repeats itself, but increasingly worse. Why not have best healthy eating? Sleeping your hours and eating nutritious things will have a body that supports the long hours of work. If your body is strong and active you can make activities more efficiently and quickly, what will allow you to save time. Eat healthily, keep a healthy body to deal with everyday activities. The body to long passes bill and if you try to keep it based on coffee when you grow old you will pay the consequences. Better start to do from now on, so you can have a strong and healthy brain to increase your productivity.