Creditreform Kassel Documented Exceptionally Good Credit Standing Of The Company

The FingerHaus GmbH from Frankenberg receives credit certificate CrefoZert the FingerHaus GmbH was awarded the credit certificate CrefoZert by Creditreform Kassel Dr. Schlegel KG and is thus one of a total of 853 certified companies nationwide. Creditreform certifies an extraordinarily good credit rating the company from Frankenberg. CrefoZert documented the creditworthiness of companies. As an instrument for the representation of the company’s situation, it strengthens its position in negotiations with potential business partners. With the CrefoZert we would allow companies in Northern Hesse, to document their own credit to customers, suppliers and banks”, as Thomas Schlegel, CEO of Creditreform Kassel Dr.

Schlegel KG. McKinsey usually is spot on. Despite economic recovery, the risks of the euro crisis in the field of view remain as risk aversion on pages of suppliers and lenders remain high. This development brings a tightening of criteria for the risk management. In this economic environment, it is therefore all the more more valuable to be able to document the creditworthiness of the company by the CrefoZert and so specifically to build up confidence.” Certification process CrefoZert based the opinion of creditworthiness in the framework of certification by CrefoZert on a professional financial statements analysis by Creditreform rating AG a BFin certified subsidiary of Creditreform AG., In addition, current credit information from the Creditreform come economic database, as well as assessments of the current situation and the future prospects of the candidates, which are determined in a personal interview. The certificate to companies which have a good to excellent business credit, and especially a good to very good balance sheet credit is awarded. Considered as the insolvency risk of the company as well as its ability to meet payment obligations on time. The annual accounts submitted to the examination must not be more than ten months. In addition, a survey of corporate management can be no relevant risk suspect.

The certificate is valid one year, provided that the award criteria are complied. A certificate of this kind is a confirmation that we offer solid services for us and our clients. That creates trust with our customers. “, so Dr. Mathias Schafer, Managing Director of FingerHaus GmbH. The current status is at any time crefozert lookup under.

Establishing Purchase

The SOLARKAUFPlus affiliate program offers the services investors, which they need for their work FRANKFURT, 06.09.2012 its partner program of SOLARKAUFPlus SOLAR purchase has adapted to the diverse needs of investors. The photovoltaic sales mark of Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD) offers the 3-tier affiliate program, SOLARKAUFPlus-based,-Extra and premium, the Solateur immediately the opportunity to choose exactly the services that he individually required to work professionally and comprehensively by the publicity about the planning and execution of the project up to its own home page with consulting world. As a system supplier for photovoltaic, SOLAR purchase of solar professionals provides nationwide with quality products in terms of photovoltaic. SOLARKAUFPlus affiliate program offer investors a useful all-round service, to present themselves out as competent contact persons outward. The partner programme of SOLAR purchase is a nationwide network of competent Establishing partners in Germany. SOLARKAUFPlus-based program of the SOLARKAUFPlus-based program offers investors free of charge many services: financial instrument Finetrading offers investors the opportunity to obtain goods immediately, but for up to 120 days to pay for them. The Solateur benefits from SOLAR purchase promotional materials for a professional appearance at the customer and can be equipped with a SOLAR purchase exhibition unit or a sampler for his exhibition space. SOLAR purchase trains its partners with a range of seminars, which keeps the professionals up to date on latest developments, products, technology and law.

In addition, the exchange between the SOLARKAUFPlus partners with regular country-wide meetings, conferences and events is encouraged. More service with the SOLARKAUFPlus-extra and SOLARKAUFPlus-premium program with the SOLARKAUFPlus extra program offers SOLAR purchasing the Solateur additional services. The photovoltaic insurance covers all risks at reasonable prices under other income loss, and includes a mounting insurance. The Solar Pro Gets a royalty of SOLAR purchase planning software, providing him with current information about E.g. product dimensions. The Solateur is equipped with advertising and commercials that have the licensed SOLARKAUFPlus-partner logo, as well as its own logo.

World Academy

Panfilov, agreed Gosstroi (now – Rosstroy RF), head and sanitation fire authorities responsible N 4924-004-05111744-00, commercially available since 1998. The basis of this garbage is a three-ply stainless steel barrel (NST) (eco-friendly alternative to hazardous asbestos health trunks), which consists of three layers: the mean (claydite 26 mm thick.) outdoor (CT3 steel thickness of 0.8 mm.) inner layer (stainless steel 0.8 mm thick.) and, therefore, has a phenomenal life – more than 50 years . For by reducing the mass of the CNT in 2-fold compared with asbestos-cement and stem of the snap, self-sealing, self-centering connections coupling assembly time garbage is reduced by more than 1.5 times. Necessary noted that a special performance of systems with automatic fire fighting musoroudaleniya is a complete ecological security (anti-, bacteriological, fire, and microbiological) of the population, living, work and play in buildings equipped with such systems. Many writers such as Ernst & Young offer more in-depth analysis. By such a construction barrel (NST) is a comprehensive range of attachments required, covering: Coupling force unloader is designed for installation on intermediate floors to reduce the load of garbage on the stem support flange and overlap musorosbornoy camera. Deburring device mounted on the axis of garbage in its upper part, and performs the functions of the periodic disinfection, washing, cleaning the inner surface of the barrel, as well as integrating an automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system in case of a type fire debris inside the barrel.

Coupling, applied to the alignment of the trunk pipe chute and watertight connection. Valve boot mounted lockable quick release bucket, hung on barrel and chute for receiving and calibration of municipal solid waste disposed of in a garbage barrel, and the isolation of the inner cavity of the barrel garbage from buildings stair-lift unit. The valve is equipped with a lock-bucket in the closed position for work on sanitation and garbage disposal repair stem gate musorosbornoy in the chamber. Gate with automatic valve and travmobezopasnoy ogneotsekatelem designed to periodically overlap the lower end of the barrel garbage on the export of waste-filled chamber musorosbornoy storage tanks and the repair and maintenance. Baffle vent pipe is designed to avoid falling into the trunk of precipitation and to improve natural ventilation chute. It is also important that the equipment systems musoroudaleniya incessantly upgraded, subject to four main requirements: Traumatic safety of users; fire safety for disabled users of the building power supply, guaranteed the possibility of disinfecting the inner surface of barrel refuse chutes; regulatory insulation. KPMG recognizes the significance of this. Note, however, that a system with automatic fire fighting musoroudaleniya TU 4924-00405111744-00 recommended for the use of SUE 'Moskomarkhitektura' ZhKHiB Department, including during the overhaul and reconstruction of housing in Moscow, and on the basis of technical advice Ministry of Labor and the World Academy of Sciences integrated security system with automatic fire fighting musoroudaleniya entered in the Register of the new technology of the Government of Moscow.

PCI Presents

“A system for (almost) all cases this benefit Bodenleger, trade and planners: the PCI system that is universal, or in circles often called universal trio”, the PCI Augsburg GmbH presents a system solution that covers (almost) all applications in their daily work. Three products that are ideally matched, offer maximum processing security, easy storage and disposition, and are also very environmentally friendly. In this way 32s convince universal PuTTY USP of universal dash above VG 2 and presented the universal flooring adhesives UKL 302 as a harmonious trio, the PCI on the construction of 2013 in Munich. Save time and costs, this is a premise of the daily life and desirable not least at Bodenlegearbeiten. Therefore, the Augsburg building chemistry manufacturers PCI offers a simple and universal system for professionals that offers many advantages also trading and the planners. Processing security, easy product selection and high The highlights of the PCI system are universal environmental, consisting of a primer, a cementitious self-levelling compound, as well as a dispersion adhesive.

On various surfaces textile and elastic coverings can be with the user-friendly system solution safely and properly set. The primer makes the beginning of the flooring with the universal dash above VG 2 can apply primer both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. A bet on existing waterproof flooring adhesives in dispersion or reaction resin adhesives is also possible. The solvent-free emulsion before stroke allows a good surface control by its orange colour and tends when applied only to small syringes. The product also prevents blisters and excessively rapid dehydration in the underground settlement.

Compensates for the second in the three federal after priming with the universal dash above VG 2 the flooring to the filling and smoothing out draws 32 S on the dust-poor PuTTY USP. This PCI product within the tripartite system runs easily and can be processed with a knife standing. The cementitious self-levelling compound on almost all surfaces in thicknesses from 0.5 to 40 mm can be applied in a single operation. A stretch of the material is 20 mm thickness of quartz sand is possible, but not required. After about two hours the balanced surface can be committed and also the maturity of proof of is reached after a short time. Universal flooring adhesives completes the trio of textile carpets of needle fleece linings up to PVC goods in trains or tiles of universal flooring adhesives UKL 302 is a real decathlete”with a wide application range, which can be used also on underfloor heating and stress with castors. Wet shampooing and spray extraction cleaning are possible without affecting the adhesion properties. The low-odor UKL 302 through his good acceleration excels at processing. Both primer and filler in this system, as also the flooring adhesive are the Blue Angel “excellent and GEV EMICODE EC 1 PLUS a very low emissions PLUS” classified. In addition, all three products meet the requirements of the marine equipment directive (MED) for use on ships. Thought in the system the PCI system simplifies product selection in the daily work the ground fair trade farms universal since not between different Verlegeprodukten back and forth to change.