Delta Water

But they had only arrived at a conclusion after much research, arriving affirming to be the place in the east of the Delta of the Nile, in an archaeological small farm call of Tell Kedua, to the north of the Suez canal in the Mediterranean coast. Researchers had concluded that when the wind blows, the water can be arisen and if divide in two portions, leaving a land band to the way, and at the moment that the wind for waters come back to be as before suddenly. Then with the aid of a satellite they had made a model of the place, modifying the land so that he looked like himself as the three a thousand years behind, later they had filled with water and they had made to blow a wind. in accordance with its calculations the wind cited in the bible Km/h arrived at a speed of about more than 130, and blowing for 12 consecutive hours, would be yes capable to push waters making that they divided themselves, for about five hours, that would be a time mias that enough so that the people passed. The most incredible is that if the wind stopped suddenly, the water wall fell on of the Egyptians to a speed of more than 18 km/h. A GOD MESSAGE I know that at this moment all must be estupefatos with the great wonderful to be able of our God, and also already had conceived in its hearts the prettiest messages and revelations that could receive. But still it has one another message that would like offering to it so that its lives had a fullness of the blessing and the miracle in all the hearts. The RED SEA All we have moments in our lives that we weigh to be all lost one and we look at of a side and we see mountains.