Tokudzi Hayakawa

The same author proposed a standard length and diameter of a pencil. K development of the pencil was indirectly involved and Mikhail Lomonosov. In one village, Arkhangelsk region, he launched the production of pencils in a wooden sheath and introduced into the world uses "gross" – a dozen dozen, that mean daily production of pencils with one single master apprentice. It is this concept now is a measure of the number of pencils in the world. As such, the pencil lasted more than two hundred years.

It seems that it has reached its peak of perfection. But progress does not stand still. September 15, 1912 a 19-year Tokudzi Hayakawa opened in the heart of Tokyo a small workshop of metal haberdashery. He devised an original mechanism, Keeps you keep the pencil point in working condition, and placed it in a metal case. Lead to extend it through the rotation of the case. In 1915, Hayakawa Tokudzhi patented and began manufacturing 'Ever-sharp "mechanical pencil. In 1916, the head was designed for pencil, pen and accepted the new look, which retains, to this day.

The product has received a new name – 'forever sharp pencil', Ever-Ready-Sharp Pencil, which gave rise origin of the name corporations Sharp. In the last century was produced as a special kind of graphite pencils – copying (commonly known as "chemical"). Copying pencils were designed to fill the documents Carbon Copy – fountain pen ink did not give this enough pressure on the paper. At the core of water-soluble dyes, crayons were added, which made their indelible marks. Gradually, this view has been pen replaced after it has been invented by a ballpoint pen. Currently, a simple wooden pencil is still alive and divides the palm with a mechanical pencil. In the current slate used polymers allow to achieve the desired combination of strength and elasticity, gives the possibility to produce very thin slate for mechanical pencil (0.3 mm). This allows you to draw without sharpening a very thin line. Recently time with the development of computer technologies pencil slowly losing ground in all directions. Ballpoint pen has long been replaced in his letter. The text is typed into a word processor. The drawings are made with using special graphic software. All this is printed on a printer in an instant. Even in painting, where the pencil still feels confident, already used by computer graphics. And who knows may

The Unique Trading Platform In The Internet

and look at something new. And so was born the idea of making such a marketplace, but only on the Internet. It must be that something simple and unique. So the idea to make the Internet market Labi anything like this in our network yet. Its uniqueness lies in one page on which the goods are. What would a visitor just came to the site and picked up, did go to the page online stores with goods for sale. Each product or group of products with a unique word, a reference to it in a certain intern store. Most interesting is that each product is placed under a unique word or phrase, making each individual proposal, only for the convenience of users divided by categories.

As they say themselves the creators of ideas, they set themselves for the purpose to collect the largest number of products in the network and therefore they are regularly engaged in adding new unique words with reference to the goods which they refer. Available to each owner to place their products on this resource, to date it has over 500 unique items. Practicality and at the same time ease the site is the visitor, for example who visited to look at TVs, and may be interested in household goods. Many ask themselves whether it is possible without any special knowledge to start making the Internet more and Ukraine. I can confidently You say YES! This requires a good idea and a little ingenuity. There are sites for trading stocks, Forex, options, etc.

Foil Stamping

Application. For application necessary information on the cover of notebooks is usually offered blind and Foil Stamping. Also, for some materials suitable shelkotrafaret and pad printing, but are used less. For many of the covers synthetic leather (high gloss material, material, visually reminiscent of silk with a metallic sheen, imitation leather and patent leather, soft suede polished, material, designed as silk, etc.) is appropriate and blind, and presentable, and foil on it will be unnecessary. Which covers and what type of application should be used, said Vadim Hronenko "When it comes to applying shelkotrafaretom, the best results are obtained on the material with a smooth or deep structure.

Foil stamping on all materials look the same. Quality stamp for a blind (or Blind) stamping heavily dependent on the cover. Less suited for the application of vinyl material on paper, because the print is poor. The most affordable synthetic leather PVC. But it is not always perceive the temperature impact, and can deliver high-quality print. Because of the natural reprint the material properties do not change color, not always sends small complex parts. A large group of diverse texture and color of materials – Italian binding material made of polyurethane.

It allows you to transfer the smallest details, to the same changes color in depressed areas of embossing. Interesting effect can be achieved by combining the materials cover: when a color print on a light material matches the color of dark material. It is very solidly and looks elegant stamp on the cover of leather, especially vegetable-tanned. In this case, the impression is also dark. I would also like to say about the material with color trim, consisting of two layers in which the bottom is painted bright and has a high resistance to abrasion, and the top, by contrast, has a darker color and remove friction. During operation, the top layer of convex parts of the print wears and becomes lighter and deeper into the place stamping remain dark, emphasizing the contrast with the logo ". In order not to Abraham. Those companies that have ordered his diaries embossed knows what excitement will be observed in this segment, starting in October and ending with December and January. Because of the huge waiting list to cause a logo or other information in diaries, customers do not always get what they want. This is, in principle, a sore point as customer satisfaction. If all orders have been made earlier, could be somewhat lower price, better get the job done, and all would be happy. If applied to a month I would put the monument companies that will appeal to me in April with an order for next year. But while the monument to put anyone else. Daily skin-perfect corporate gift PS Today the demand for fashion and diaries to predict and anticipate rather difficult. In Each new season range of TM diaries updated with new models. The indoor unit is practically unchanged, but new designs on covers products introduced annually. This season Most companies offer a combined cover, consisting of multiple colors and different materials. In total the same amount offered by each brand, we can see and appreciate first hand at the exhibition REX.