Social Integration

Chance of growth and security: she is on to the chance of career, growth and personal development and security that the work offers. Social integration in the organization: it aims at to measure the degree of the hierarchic differences, the mutual support, interpersonal franqueza, and absence of preconceptions as: color, race, sex, religion, nationality, style of life and physical appearance. Constitutionalism: they are the norms that establish rights and duties of the collaborators, and has for objective to evaluate the degree where the rights of the collaborator are fulfilled in the company. Work and total space of life: that it measures the balance between personal life and work of the collaborator. The work can have negative or positive effect on the personal life of the individual. Social relevance of the life in the work: it measures on QVT to the company through the perception of the collaborator, that is, verifies the image of the institution, social responsibility of this, responsibility for the services and the social responsibility for the collaborators.

2,2 Studies on QVT in professionals of nursing Santos and Guirardello (2007) affirm that the nurse characterizes its work as generating of emotional sufferings and physical consumings. Low the remuneration, social disreputation and the reduced personal satisfaction is pointed by the nurses as .causing of these sufferings, what it can be on to the contact that these professionals have with the situations of death and pain, that result in tension and anxiety. The same authors still point that the attention of the nursing professional is essential for its daily accomplishments. a problem that the nurses have pointed as factor that intervenes with its attention is the noises, such as: alarms that the equipment emits; high colloquy in the corridors; opening and closing of doors of violent form; object falls and excess of traffic of people in the unit. These factors, together with others, as the exhaustion in the work load, the professional frustration, the lack of ability in the execution of tasks, can imply in ethical problems as in such a way personal with the work team.