Merida Housing

To achieve this goal, citizens must seek new mechanisms in the defense of their demands political intervention, because it has been that they have only used the corruption between the interests of private capital and the political classes laws as means and demagogic message for the achievement of their own profits through speculation in the territorial reserve. It is necessary that the institutions responsible for housing programs, change of a purely financial personality to another whose focus is the implementation of policies of social concern with fundamental axis in human development, understood as the achievement of well-being and quality of life, including obtaining housing. Progressive housing through self-construction is a solution to the housing problem since according to cultural and social characteristics of the meridana people living in marginal areas, people has capacity and the conditions necessary for access to a cheaper workforce or their own that provide them access to housing by following through this procedure. Consider the availability and access to building materials, either through programs or credit support, that allow to develop housing through self-construction and the implementation of innovation funds technology for the improvement of autoconstructivos systems and the consequent reduction in housing costs. Technology and the housing on the other hand, States that the housing problem is not an issue caused by issues of technological type but rather in the field of the political, economic and social. Tedeschi (1972), referring to the problem of housing said: certainly technical procedures may contribute to increase the chances of effectively addressing the problem, but the real solutions are not in the field of technique, but in the economy and the social. Basically, what happens is that workers in the humblest categories entries are generally insufficient to solve the basic needs of a family: food, clothing, accommodation, health, education, leisure. This balance, which is a balance of the social system, has spread in recent years by the inflation process, due to the world wars, reaching increasingly vast strata of the population, in those categories of fixed income that great part of the petty bourgeoisie.