Hotels In Paris

Paris – the most visited cities worldwide, so no wonder that it boasts the largest number of hotels on the planet – they are about fifteen hundred. Check out American Federation of Labor for additional information. Variety of suggested location is impressive – from the modest 2-star hotel on the outskirts (and even in the suburbs) to the luxury hotels on the main thoroughfares of the city. Some hotels in Paris have already become something more than just a place where you can sit at night (even in style) – they have become a cultural, historical and architectural attractions that are worth a look, even if the budget does not have to, to become their guests. Sofitel embodies "Art of living in French, and the number of hotels in Paris, this brand has already exceeded a dozen. Nevertheless, Sofitel Le Faubourg is considered one of the best, even among its luxury brethren. Located between the Concorde and Champs Elysees, he takes two different buildings built in the 17 and 19 centuries.

The restaurant Cafe Faubourg gained popularity not only among hotel guests, but also among the Parisians. The hotel has 149 rooms and 25 suites, there are two bars – La Bibliotheque and Bar 30. Not far from the Sofitel Le Faubourg, is a hotel Le Bristol, famous for its magnificent French garden and holding fashion shows of famous couturiers. The hotel's design is executed in soft colors, and the 18 th century furniture and old paintings are combined with modern conveniences such as air conditioning and Internet access. Some of the 164 rooms have a terrace overlooking the garden. For over 100 years adorns the Place Vendome Hotel Ritz Paris (opened in 1898). A long tradition, prestige and legendary past put this hotel apart in the row of pearls hotel industry of the French capital.

Among its elegant rooms – ten special suites, bearing such famous names as Coco Chanel, Windsor and Imperial. Another worthy representative of top-class hotel, Le Meurice, located between the Concorde and the Louvre. Its history goes back more than two centuries, during which he served as the seat of the royal royalty, fashion designers and other celebrities. This luxurious palace combines sophisticated design, chic and compliance with modern standards. At the heart of Paris, between Champs Elysees and the , located Plaza Athenee – Hotel, which can be called a real "Parisian." Since its opening in 1911, the hotel offers its guests to enjoy the atmosphere, known as the "Parisian charm – something elusive that it is hard to describe, but that unmistakable feel and understand – you're in Paris.