There is a difference, such as water pipes, bongs are also called to clean, because the bongs are usually either glass or acrylic. When cleaning glass bongs the best way a piece of a Dishwasher tablets should be used. This should first be crushed powder and then give him hot water into the water pipe. This can then draw a few minutes so that the fat which is the smoke settles on the walls of the pipe, can come off slowly. Then it swings around the bong water to pass out even better.

Then you pour away the dirty water. If it still contain impurities in the Bong are strong, you should repeat this process again. Should be located after a second repetition yet dirt on the walls, one can solve this with a special brush, which can be purchased in head shops, from the walls. If it is clean bong advisable due to the soft material, but not to those with a brush, because there are scratches in the fine material, and in these only further Dirt settles. If the grease spots are older, they can be difficult to remove from a bong, for this reason it is recommended to clean it really a day after use. But while cleaning a glass bong is easier to handle, which is really better, you can not really say, because this is in the truest sense of taste. There are several theories about this, one feels to smoke a bong, a gentle, talk less scratching in the lung, the other is just the opposite.