Definition TeleVision

Projector – an optical-mechanical or optical-digital device that allows using the light source to project images of objects on the surface located outside the instrument, called a projection screen. In the middle current, the Japanese company Hitachi, one of the world’s largest conglomerate, announced the start of sales in the Russian Federation, the four newly multifunctional projector models: CP-X306, CP-X401, CP-X301, CP-X450. New Models Hitachi projectors are designed specifically to address the wide range of problems in business and educational institutions. The flagship of the new line is the projector Hitachi CP-X450, which combines the convenience and ease of use with the highest characteristics and the most popular user features. All four new projector Hitachi – LCD, ie, use technology projection LCD, provides the highest accuracy and intensity of the image; have permission XGA.

High contrast ratio of 600:1 (500:1 Projector CP-X301) and an impressive level of brightness (2,600 ANSI lumens for models Hitachi CP-X301, CP-X306, 3000 and 3500 ANSI lumens models Hitachi CP-X401 and CP-X450 respectively) allow called projectors even abstain from befogging premises. A short roster of new features Hitachi projectors are impressive: the ability to rename inputs, complete compatibility, automatic correction Vertical Keystone, multi-tiered system of protection: the lock on the ‘My Screen’, motion sensor, PIN-code, format support 1080i high-definition television and HDTV (High Definition TeleVision); modes of black and white board (black, white and green Models CP-X401 and CP-X450); function ‘My Button’, easy to install and configure, ‘quick start’ and ‘instant off’, no additional costs for cleaning the filter. A new hybrid filter (no additional cost clean the filter, longer life hybrid filter; 4000 hours – a series of filter cleaning), increased lamp life (4000 hours in Eco mode) and a reduced carbon footprint with extended service can exploit these projectors Hitachi model no scheduled maintenance for up to four thousand hours with minimal maintenance costs during operation at normal mode, which reduces their overall cost. The above model Hitachi projectors operate virtually silent (29 dB low noise mode) and use the audio pass-through that lets you connect an external audio (audio output – 7 W). Where to Buy Projector Hitachi?