A New Concept Of Education

Education aged and changed. Educational methods have been left behind, when compared to the enormous scientific and technological transformations of these past five hundred years. The man has already been to Jupiter, but students still go to the cloister to receive information and training. The processor and almost goes out of style, but teachers and students are still being worth of chalk or water marker to write on the board of rubber or table. Encyclopedias, language courses, dictionaries (including the Royal Academy of Spanish Language), educational games, treaties of almost all subjects, and regulatory requirements and many more resources we have available on CD ROM But in the universities and colleges continue to believe in large spaces, lots of shelving and huge “tomes” pasted to place libraries. And the government live without libraries thinking that educational institutions are just a silver lining! The networking via intranet or internet is within reach for more than two decades, but the great “pioneers” of modern education continue to build great masses of brick and cement which proudly baptized “college that” or “so-and-such college.” As we see, cheap technological resources desired by any revolutionary of the sixties for “supporting education” are already fully accessible, but we, by mere inertia or business, promoting a completely elitist education. So the media really advanced now allow us to interact 24 hours a day, we still believe that the process of teaching can not be carried out only with a student uncomfortable sitting at a desk for 8 or 10 hours a day, storing, equal to a garbage dump or to be more benign, in an email, the entire amount of information downloaded in your ears for three or four “specialists.” Tama “about girls and, as irony? What absurd way to live education, alongside such advanced modes of living life! But we still have time.

We are somewhat delayed, but still we can redefine our concept, our approach and our educational reality. We must re-create the concept of College and University, as Intuitive or, if you like the most beautiful, non-contact and non-point only to a modern or old where students crowded to force them to learn. We must redesign education so that she arrives, via electronic technology resources, to all you want, so individuals not collectivized, where making new students in disciplines such as learning. Create interactive real-oriented methods using logic and critical and not to the communication or storage of information (for which we are a computer is much better than two gigabytes of memory on your hard disk!), Is a task undertaken as soon as possible for teachers and business education. How to process, manage and use information for human development, is what we must begin to teach people using the resources of post-modernity and no longer the ancient methods of the Sophists..