Adela Cortina

Take for example a child of six years, his more prominent roles as son, student, brother and friend. From part socially within each of these roles, the child adopted ethical values that form, the good student does not copy the good son does not steal, do not abuse the good brother, good friend support. From these basic values, there arises the associative process that allows consciousness rule in favor of either alternative to more complex ethical issues, as is the focus of this essay. A society that shares a minimalist ethics to which all members abide by, is a company that streamlines and has a responsible vision of a globalized world in which every person is committed to its environment and abides by this series of apart from its top floor. Just as we said Adela Cortina (The ethics of civil society, 2001): "strengthening of civil society requires as a condition of possibility, the empowerment of an ethic shared by all members of this society because without a minimum shared moral, poor citizens will feel the same world.. " Creating rules laws is given pursuant to the company forward and realize the errors to maintain order, an order which must abided by a company and be maintained by the state, but morality comes into play when a person is asked whether the actions this place is morally right and looking for a point of reference in which I can trust and describe their actions in a very simple but good or bad is up to the individual taking into account the environment we create the moral and says Cortina (2001) "We realize that people who have to make the world moral and, therefore, who have to think about what is right and wrong, even seeking the help of appropriate advisors, the support of people who deserve our trust.