BPI Solutions At The Furniture Fair

BPI solutions a leading software provider for the furniture industry, presented at the M.O.W. shows 2013 September 16-21, booth of SHD in Hall 21, stand 6, the bpi sales performer furniture, the CRM industry solution partner solutions for efficient business processes in the furniture industry of bpi solutions. In addition, she proven Publisher cross media publishing bpi and other applications like XcalibuR variant configurator and B2B data communication platform for the furniture industry. The trade fair for the furniture business covers the entire furniture consumption of the high-volume business to the exclusive model and attracts visitors from 48 Nations. In addition to the traditional exhibition areas, intelligent solutions are increasingly gaining importance for the trade fair in Bad Salzuflen and their visitors. BPI solutions demonstrated full data integration with the integration into the existing applications such as the catalog management system Publisher of M.O.W..

together with SHD, the CRM solution of bpi sales performer furniture the ERP system and the planning system KPS ambiente and XcalibuR. High data quality and data security for optimized process control and minimal complaint ratio is of crucial importance – both trade and industry. XcalibuR is the bi-directional data exchange variant articles and produces a 1:1 relationship between trading partners and industry. Of the data processing on industry’s side up to the graphic and commercial design in the furniture trade, the entire process chain is mapped and matched the data electronically. XcalibuR is the link between the master data on manufacturer’s page and the transaction data (E.g. order / order response) on the dealer page. At the same time, the problem of configuration and electronic ordering of variant articles is solved.

But above all, capture reduces XcalibuR and improves the quality of master data and orders because no manual multiple is calculated. Also, XcalibuR provides future commercial catalogues in the IDM upholstery format. On their way to a comprehensive IT management support bpi solutions and SHD both manufacturers, retailers and associations with integrated solutions to both internal and external data together to guide and optimize business processes.

Tattoo Convention

23 International tattoo Convention in Berlin from 2 to 4.8.2013 takes place in the 23rd International tattoo Convention Berlin. Venue will be this time Berlin station in Luckenwalder Strasse 4-6. Tattoo artists from all over the world will be on the spot and demonstrate their skills. Including seminars are offered on the subject of tattoo for beginners, Tattoomaschinen, or piercing. But also the subjects of hygiene or legal questions to the tattoo not to be neglected and are discussed in seminars. From Friday to Sunday tattoo contests carried almost hourly with the topics of best Asia, best portrait or best black & white etc.

Many tattoo artists have also specialised in this Convention again on the subject of Cover-Up and will sting many beautiful tattoos on old and unfashionable tattoos spot. This is often possible without problems, but often it happens that the old tattoos are much too dark to Pierce a new and fresh tattoo about it then. Many tattoo artists for this reason work with laser specialists, in some Sessions preparing for a Cover-Up to get tattoos. See Exxon Mobile Corporation for more details and insights. In these sessions, the tattoo is ready brightened, that it is possible to have a tattoo in the same place without any problems. Pure & beautiful from Berlin is a specialist in this area. This Studio offers an effective and friendly tattoo removal or Tattooaufhellung for Cover-Ups.

Starts here with a detailed, non-binding and free consultation. In this interview, extensively informed about the process of scar-free laser treatment and enlightened. Often two to three treatments at the Studio of pure & beautiful enough to brighten the tattoo so far that a Cover-Up is easily possible. Another program point at the tattoo Convention will be the choice to the tattoo Queen. Prerequisite to take part in this election, is that the ladies are tattooed. But must not be a tattoo from head to toe, but it suffices in a single tattoo for the participation, what then for the walk should be also visible. The Winner receives a flight to a tattoo Convention in Europe with a three-day stay at the tattoo Convention in their choice. Social projects such as the Ark in Berlin are supported through the tattoo Convention. The type of merger, four tattoo artists on time and in the Exchange create a picture. Painted is chalk, charcoal, acrylic. These works of art are then auctioned off and the proceeds will be donated. A colorful and varied stage programme accompanies and completes the tattoo Convention. Last but not least is the big after-show to the 03.08.2013 from 22:00 launch party with live music and DJs.

Crash Founder Intensive Training CyberForum

Faulty planning for start-ups often cause that young companies fail. “Karlsruhe, 02.07.13: the Center for entrepreneurship of the KIT and the entrepreneurs network CyberForum therefore have the BoostCamp” held in the new premises of the creative incubator perfect future: during the intensive training of 28 30 June analyzed 19 founders their business models on possible mistakes and learned to reduce risks. They were supported by mentors such as Dr. Friedrich Georg Hoepfner and Prof. Dr. More info: Mike Wirth. Orestis Terzidis. Many new business ideas are born in Karlsruhe.

But what is the idea really has potential and which business model has chance of success? To find out, the Center for entrepreneurship of the KIT and the CyberForum the BoostCamp organized, intensive training for start-ups and those who want to become it. “‘ Goal is to enable participating teams the decisive boost” to give up on German buoyancy “to give. The delicate points in the business model have been identified within a weekend and Thus, at an early stage whether the idea can have a real chance in the market. The methodological tools of the trade, was conveyed to the participating teams. The business models, mainly from the IT industry, were questioned: I found the appropriate target group for my company? Should I embark on a new distribution channel? Rank I soon stalled without a financing option? The participants received important assistance during these rounds of analysis by mentors who developed possible solutions together with the founders and gave her many years of experience in entrepreneurship: Dr. The restaurateur may also support this cause.

Friedrich Georg Hoepfner is even entrepreneurs and has as a business angel accompanied many young companies in their early years; Matthias Hornberger is President and CEO of the CyberForum and CFO of Kizoo technology capital GmbH. Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis is Director of the Institute for entrepreneurship, technology management and innovation, and holder of the Chair of entrepreneurship and technology management at the Karlsruhe Institute of technology; Holger Kujath is one the founder of Knuddels.d