Building Insert

So logically the heading of this article at first glance may seem, the majority of all accounts is completed today, without actually thinking about a later construction financing. The consumer focus rather on the bonuses in the form of Arbeitnehmersparzulage or housing bonus. The promotions are not particularly high, but at least 8.8 per cent subsidy per annum on deposits of up to 512 euros in the housing premium or subsidy of 9 per cent per annum on deposits of up to 470 euros at the Arbeitnehmersparzulage noticeable but quite pleasant during the mostly seven-year savings period of funds. In sum that yields may arise, approaching the current money market accounts. A good day money account is interest rates currently at 4.50 percent. John Cowan may find this interesting as well.

A value, also good savings can reach. Much more interesting is to use a contractor, what he actually designed: to the building society savings. During the accumulation phase, the future owner will benefit from the State subsidies to the contractor, and can then later a building society loan claim, which is located in the interest rate significantly below the level of interest rates traditional mortgage loans. For this loan are required back then however much faster, as a mortgage loan. The latter is usually about 20 to 30 years, so the building society loan must be repaid in 7 to 11 years, implying a much higher repayment. Through this parallel reduction of both loans, higher monthly charges which but become apparent below-the-line in a lower overall burden arise for the client in the first years. But not every client can make a savings for the financing of the allotment of the loan takes place only if the contract with 40 to 50 percent agreed method be saving? Therefore, a concept first and foremost as part of a combined construction financing for builders who plan in advance and the dream of your own four walls in the suitable next 4-8 years want to implement.

European Central Bank

Interest rates leave the lows… Although investors interpret the improving economic environment as very positive for the stock market for several months and all over the world have driven the major indexes to year highs, also the capital market interest rates had fallen. It is clear that the zero interest rate policy of the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan, as well as the near zero interest rate policy of the Bank of England and the European Central Bank (ECB) have equipped the markets and the banks in particular – with tremendous liquidity at low cost. This cheap money is currently pushing the development in almost all market segments and again leads to excessive speculation. Especially the dollar suffers from currently this situation, because many investors borrow dollars at low cost to buy assets in other currencies that.

This development could become a growing problem for Europe, because an ever stronger euro slows exports and making imports cheaper. A stronger euro so resembles a rate boost at a time the ECB, which wants to keep key interest rates stable. It is currently making them difficult to see where any inflation impetus should come from. It seems the Declaration to be why, despite a flood of new bonds also the longer maturities remain fairly stable low. We assume that we will see 10-year interest rates, compared to the mortgage bond yields in a range between 3.75 and 3.90% (currently 3.83%) in the next few weeks.

Construction financing customers should take advantage of therefore consistently days with rashes down to the attachment of conditions to obtain possible long-term pricing security. The choice of the right financing structure in terms of maturity, repayment options and use of funding is particularly important in these volatile market phases. So combinations of 5 year olds and 15 – or 20-year interest bonds can be very useful because they combine high costing accuracy with lower monthly charges and flexibility for future repayment. Are currently high demand known as Volltilgerdarlehen, providing a continuous rate until final repayment. The higher set eradication leads to condition benefits due to the steep yield curve. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Simon Freakly. Also so-called combined loans are currently like elected because they benefit from the low money market rates.

Charlottenburg Capital

Not only real estate investors benefit from the increasing demand for housing in the capital, also condos in the face of rapid increases are profitable on their own. “For for the year 2012 has grown sales compared to the previous year by 13 percent to 19.888 condominiums, provides the latest position report of the Expert Committee for land valuations in Berlin” set. The money turnover have increased by ca 19 percent to about 3.4 billion euros. That the need for on condominiums in the future continue to grow is to prove now over 100 ongoing construction projects for real estate in Berlin. The may issue of the new magazine is the most interesting of these construction projects exclusively? Real estate in Berlin of regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH above. Jennifer Skyler may find this interesting as well. Portraits show selected top vineyards for the own dream apartment, among Bank sites directly on the river Spree in vogue district of Charlottenburg, Villenensembles between the capital and the old residence town of Potsdam or townhouses in Adlershof. The most interesting objects are presented in large-format photo galleries. In every second issue of exclusive? Real estate in Berlin selects the editorial from the large amount of sophisticated residential ensemble real estate of the month “.

Readership not only modern residential projects will be presented to the exclusive readership, but also many other issues around the upscale real estate in Berlin. Exclusive? Real estate in Berlin also includes information about Berlin neighbourhood life and interviews with real estate professionals in the capital. The editorial part is complemented by news and background information to the city architecture, for example, to the design of the current Central and state libraries in the capital or to the construction of the new building at the Alexanderplatz. Experienced specialist solicitors explain the legal basis for buying a home in the capital. The current trends in the upscale bath and kitchen design document for comprehensive, illustrated posts? in may, there are beautiful black tub models or very modern induction cookers. Also find exclusive readership in each issue of exclusive? Real estate in Berlin a walk through the many technically sound article by market-knowledgeable professionals, various housing providers, planners, and lawyers for real estate law in Berlin. Exclusive? There are properties in Berlin at the well-stocked newsagents as well as in the network. For more information, see contact: regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Wilhelmstr. 4 14624 Dallgow-Doberitz Fabian of MacLean Tel: 0 33 22 / 22 166 fax: 0 33 22 / 24 45 88 the regional real estate publishing company is since 1996 the regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg and since 2013 the magazine exclusively – real estate in Berlin. Many upscale real estate from the Berlin region deals can be found in the magazine every two months. In addition to the idea of attractive residential projects in the German capital, the magazine offers many interesting editorial content of the regional real estate industry and a lot of information around the upscale residential property.