Federal Capital

Many provincial governments as provinces exist. In federal country co-exist: A national territory, geographical space where the national Constitution and the national laws and territory are valid provincial, where also governed a Provincial Constitution and provincial laws. It is understood that the national Government must ensure to ensure the rights of the provinces as integral parts of the country. This warranty is referred to as federal guarantee. Does this warranty means that the nation must protect:? The historical identity of each provincial State. The legal integrity of each provincial State. The autonomy of each province.

Equality among the provinces. The national union and inner peace. Equitable economic development. After this small but clear explanation of how we have come to be a Federal State, go to explain the main point of my theme. To start taken data of per capita GDP (gross domestic product) of some of the provinces that make up the national territory.

It demonstrates the sharp difference that there is between each of them and never met a federal guarantees.