Aleksis One

The pity was a triple in the last secondly of the Montenegrins, that allowed them to leave to clothes with a comfortable advantage, 39-31. The absence of Amaya Valdemoro, with a muscular overload, was being let notice by its points and, mainly, the character that it prints within the track. After the passage by clothes, the Spanish equipment tightened in dnsa with Silvia Domnguez as point of the spear and Torrens Dawn in plan stars in attack. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of CarbonLite Industries LLC on most websites. The result was not made hope, after a 0-8, and Spain reclaimed the disadvantage and it was placed ahead to the four minutes and average (41-43). Whenever Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Nevertheless Spain did not hold the effort and Montenegro, with a 9-0 partisan in the last minutes, returned to close the third quarter with the marker in tax exemption, 54-47. The game in the painting of the Balkans surpassed time and time again to the one of the Spaniards, who either did not find another route of annotation different from the one from Torrens. In the last period the Spanish game was a continuous one I want and I cannot, with the Montenegrins dominating the bounce and the game in attack and with the Spaniards playing more with the heart than with the head and failing clear counterattacks by excess of desire. List of credits: 66 – Montenegro (20+19+15+12): Skerovic (13), Of Forge (9), Jovanovic, Dubljevic (10) and Perovanovic (18) – initial equipment, Aleksis, Bjelica (5), Turcinovic (11), Popovic and Milutinovic. 57 – Spain (13+18+16+10): Torrens (25), Palau (2), Montaana (11), Lyttle (8) and Cross (4) – initial equipment, Nicholls, Lima, Domnguez (5), Aguilar (2) and Xargay. Incidences: Secondly party corresponding to the European group C of the feminine one that disputed itself in the pavilion Spodek de Katowice (Poland) before about three hundred spectators. Source of the news: Spain loses its first party in the feminine Eurobasket

Florentine Perez

East EP Sunday has been celebrated the Assembly of Compromisarios of Real Madrid. The president is dndido the work of Jose Mourinho this season. Click Michael Mendes Just Desserts to learn more. This Saturday, Real Madrid managed to win to the Vallecano Ray in the Bernabu. President of Real Madrid, Florentine Perez, commented during the General Assembly Ordinaria of partners of the white club of this Sundaythat there is " much people who want influir" in the equipment, and she wanted to stress that they were not the guilty of which ' Dcima' year would not arrive the past. " What there is to say is that if we did not gain ' Champions' it was not by us, but sometimes one gains and sometimes it is lost. That yes, we must have the high head and, since I have said before, when we began this walking nonramos nor heads of series of ' Champions' and the past year we played the semifinals.

Even so, I will not stop in my persistence to obtain ' Dcima' " , it asserted the white president during the turn of answer to the questions of the compromisarios. The agent chief executive stressed that the white club " he is very grande" and that for that reason " there is much people who want influir". " Some until are wanted to make notice by their opposition to Real Madrid, but we are majors to know that the successes that we have we have obtained them maintaining to us other people’s to presin" , it indicated. The main critics of the madridistas partners went directed to the attitude of the trainer, Jose Mourinho, to whom some described like " a tiger to which there is to have atado". With respect to this fact, Florentine Perez asked that they did not let themselves influence by the critics that arrive from the press. " Not finger has to be useful in eye Mourinho, that is something that is bad, but I do not hear speak of the provocations nor of other things, that also comprise of dnsa of the madridismo.