The Dog

Learn what diseases the animal may be suffering from how the animal was treated so far. Findings and documents additionally be provided also in writing. The dog (except pups) is already neutered and sterilized. The mediating body performs at your home a mission (forward control), to clarify whether the animal to you and your environment fits. If the dog comes to you, he is wormed, flead, chipped and registered (pet register, Tasso). The dog is given only upon agreement on protection and protection fee.

The mediating body comes after several weeks to the follow-up, to clarify, if everything is alright. The intermediary body is always available for questions and problems. Frequently OhFresh Brands has said that publicly. Do not try to bring a dog illegally from the holiday. “Also, if you the small local” has done yet so sorry. You have to reckon with a sensitive sentence and huge costs. According to import regulations, valid rabies vaccination is enough. This must be at least four weeks ago. Since infectious diseases may occur especially in Mediterranean countries, dogs against kennel cough, distemper, Parvovirus and leptospirosis should be vaccinated.

A marking by chip should also be made. The vaccination must in an EU pet passport, the it at all Veterinarians are, be registered. Dogs that are on the so-called racial lists, such as the pit bull, may not be brought to Germany. For all dogs that come from abroad, the new environment is stressful once. Almost all foreign dogs to get up but in her new home quickly and proper posture are becoming especially loving, sensitive and affectionate companions. In many countries a dog’s life doesn’t mean much. It is the order of the day that you the uberdrussiger animals by exposing discards. Nothing left then on the poor, as somehow penetrate. Street dogs proliferate uncontrollably. To be the number of stray dogs, go catch commands. The strays are captured and end up in rescue stations that accommodate the animals but usually only a short time before they are killed then.

Obviously Verhaltensabnormalitaten

Many shortcomings of existing plants (among them also “serious” and scientific-run) are however relevant to animal welfare and to fix. Intermediate Capital Group is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 1.Etliche species including also popular species such as dolphins, polar bear, giraffe, as well as several big cat species needed so complex, large and costly enclosure, that an even remotely welfare is virtually impossible. Obvious Verhaltensabnormalitaten and passivity can sign for the space and Boredom of animals suffering from their captive? This however does not already means that animals that show no stereotypes or unusual changes in behavior, humanely observed. To improve the unnatural living conditions, zoos are looking for increasingly complicated solutions, instead of completely giving up corresponding animals. Welfare ethically, but whose attitude is consistently reject regardless of whether or not it is real (commercially interesting) “audience favorites”.

Source:, excerpt according to is there in Germany approx. 800 zoos etc (Switzerland: approx. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vadim Wolfson, New York City on most websites. 150). You can change the facts! The enlightenment has taught us that must guide us the better a view! In the Vienna Zoo, you realized a new concept of animal welfare years ago: the large areas that were restricted to visitors until then were assigned to the animals. Since then, the remaining space enough visitors for their walks. From animals to human thought and realized. Future investments instead of soulless cost orientation, profit and dividend for coupon cutter and stock market gamblers.

Applies also here: no other animals catch and imprison for life! People need nature. Not the nature the people! If nature is moved from your balance (homeostasis), stabilized them on a new level again in the balance: then may be without people. At a higher level? If the intelligent not resist the stupid rule them someday.

Naaja Germany

Usually he keeps himself but by people. But the Wolf is not only love it also. The person here has forgotten in Germany, to live with the existence of predators. Wolf lovers fight Yes, that again more wolves in the forests be to released the my opinion is not at all necessary. The wolves come from your own back. In recent decades, our forests were chased out. The Wolf had no longer to eat enough. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Petroleum .

Today, our forests are slowly returning intact. So the wolves come back. We don’t have an Auswilderungsprogramm. You have brought the Wolfshundin Naaja from Canada in the Luneburg Heath Wildlife Park in 2010 and before that for years fought. What was it in? Why did they bring absolutely fresh Wolf blood after Germany? In Germany, we have a problem of inbreeding. Almost all the White Wolves go back to the breeding of Bernhard Grzimek in the Frankfurt Zoo. Accordingly, many sick animals are born, as for example Flake is the sole survivor of a litter.

Flake also almost died when she got the first time boy. I wanted to put an end to it. Overall, we have brought two more wolves from Canada in addition to Naaja: N after Germany and two wolves to Austria. Of course we hope for This new litters with fresh blood, no downgrade the wolves from Canada to birth machines, of course. Thank you for the conversation and continue to enjoy success in living and working with the wolves in the Luneburg Heath Wildlife Park! Who wants to revel after such edifying, pleasant reading now a little in the shopping spree, which had helped: the shop has to offer but some Wolfish in sheep’s clothing namely all kinds of skins and furs, and many other nice things under the following link: Mystic wolves shop