Hotel Reservation

Tens of thousands of people – tourists, business people, "tranzitnikov" come to Moscow every day. How to Moscow meets them? Train station, airport, subway, taxi, open doors hotel. It was from the hotel depends largely on the impression travel, it will become a haven so, the temporary home, which will rest the tired traveler. Among the hotels in Moscow, there is a need, which will be very comfortable and cozy, home-like peace and quiet. Sometimes it seems that the quiet and cozy hotel – it is always somewhere on the outskirts of Moscow, and the entire center is busy superexpensive mnogozvezdochnymi complexes, accommodating hundreds of guests.

Many guides to the hotels of Moscow directly and write: "If you do not like the hustle and bustle – you can stay in a hotel on the outskirts of the city." Well, most of this advice will be correct, but in any rule there is an exception. For example, the hotel 'Hermitage' is located in the the center of Moscow near Pokrovsky Boulevard, combining all the advantages of the city center with the calmness of squares and narrow streets of old Moscow. Minimum of fuss and noise, the ultimate in comfort … The distinctive feature of the Moscow Hotel is strategically placed them. Choosing a hotel in the heart of the city you can be sure that will be located close to business centers, exhibition, memorable historic sites. From the hotel you can easily reach any point of Moscow.

Do not, however, leaves the choice of hotels at the last moment, guided by the principle – a lot of hotels, anywhere so settled. Hotel reservation – an important service that can at once cross out all the uncertainty. Agree that the journey is better to go, knowing that you are expecting to your arrival ready. Hotel reservation – the best way to rid yourself of unnecessary problems. Booking hotels is clearly not belongs to the category of complex procedures that require outstanding ingenuity and craftsmanship. Most often enough to know the phone the hotel: one phone call – and hotel reservation has already been realized, you will already be waiting for your arrival will already be ready. You just need to know only the address of the hotel. There is a more convenient way – in any self-respecting hotel has a Web site, the information which is always current. Hotel site will help you not only book, but and talk about all the features that await you in this hotel. All reputable hotels offer rooms of different classes, have a developed infrastructure. Note that a service that provides a solid hotel in Moscow, in no way inferior in quality to European standards. Rooms are comfortable, and services are varied. If you have such an opportunity – be sure to visit the site of the hotel where planning on staying. Reputable hotels are respected their clients – and tell them a lot of important details. The decoration of rooms and prices for them, a list of additional services, a story about restaurants, bars, conference rooms – all details that you will necessarily interesting, waiting for you on site hotel.

Hotel Diplomatic

When we seek something that characterizes the Guaymallen Department, we immediately think of the wine industry which is the common denominator of this region. It has nearly 100 wineries that produce over 4 million Hectoliters, making Guaymallen in one of main regions of the world. However, it is not the amount to what makes that local production stands at international level, but the quality of the wines of Guaymallen. Many hotels in Mendoza capital, to sabienda that the wines from Mendoza are the most required worldwide, offer guests the opportunity to taste some of the varietals that are produced here, and also meet some of the closest to the city of Mendoza bodegas. The first wineries of Latin America settled in Guaymallen over 500 years ago.

Thereafter, the idiosyncrasies of a people was forged around me of grapes cultivation and its subsequent processing. Guaymallen is a picturesque city to go and visit. The historic center of the City is one of the most interesting centres of Cuyo, with houses dating back to the 19th century, as the Museum Molina Pico, in the year 1780. It’s an old adobe building with cane roofs, which was acquired by the municipality of Guaymallen in 1992 in order to restore and preserve this important testimony of the past. Another historical to go home is the House Quesada, where the workshop of the plastic artist Luis Quesada is located and displayed much of his works. But wine production is the column of the region, industry in base to which susrgen others that make the mendocino spirit.

The most interesting feast at the grassroots level is the harvest festival, taking place between the months of December and March, and which precedes the closing of the celebration that is made in Mendoza City. In all this time are penalties, furnaces and other events of popular participation where the Argentine dances are not absent. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Guaymallen. One of them is the Parque de la Virgen, where There is a monument which is venerated the Virgin Mary located in 1980. It is also possible to tour the Park Juan Domingo Peron to enjoy a beautiful day of sunshine, or the square of Arts and flowers. Guaymallen is an excellent choice to make micro Mendoza tourism and discover a city that reflects the cuyano way of life.