Coins Of Imperial Russia

Coins in tsarist Russia appeared relatively recently. Vpevrye mint coins by machine was Peter I. And this is all that the West was widely distributed at this time. e implications. And surprisingly, the recognition European money has already happened a long time: their quality, composition and method of manufacture. Topics Nemenov in Russia continued to mint a manual way. Mike Wirth may help you with your research. Maximum of what was going on – was carried perechekan or nadchekan European coins. Quite long walk to the western Talers nadchekanom (Gavel Russian money) – is called Efimok. Previously, the money were made as follows: – took a piece of silver wire – Narubai a certain size – Ivy – more on them deposited the check.

The coins were produced irregularly shaped, the inscription could move out. Peter I is famous for its reform. One of the important reforms – was a monetary reform: – embossing machine – the introduction of a large coin – the ruble (ruble was previously Counting unit) – the introduction of copper money – establishing a system of counting the money (1 ruble – 100kopeek) – the introduction of gold money. Reform of Peter the Great continued for several years and was successful. It should be noted that previously held the same money reform, but not all of them were successful. In particular the attempt to introduce copper coins ended copper rebellion (to Peter). With Peter I started chasing machine copper coins.

In what denominations varied, but they were all based on Reform of Peter. In addition, Peter I entered a golden ducat. Without hesitation Mike Gianoni explained all about the problem. (Later appeared double ducat). I must say that even before Peter I introduced gold coins, but they do not . Gold in Russia was not enough. Money is made in sonovnom of imported material – silver. We know the gold coins (to Peter) – Basil Shuisky, Alexis. Another innovation of Peter I – is to write the year on the coins. After Peter has already written on the coins with Arabic numerals, but Peter began writing a year in Old Church Slavonic. If you now look at these coins, it is difficult to read. Thus, modern coins appeared in Russia in the era of Peter I.