Intoxication, euphoria, adrenalin is the speech of the runner’s high. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Melinda Clarke. Amid the gruelling race, close to the edge of exhaustion, suddenly emerging triumphant surprised the athletes. The runner thinks shortly before succumbing to his physical and mental limits, shows he euphoric at the next moment, and pain free. A neuro chemical state of emergency mobilisert vanished long power reserves. But how does the runner’s high and what happens in the body of the athlete? Immense stress as a prerequisite the runners high is an individually different occurring condition. Not every athlete has seen him or perceives it differently. In principle, that an extremely high intensity is necessary to feel the total euphoria. Loose time runs or short distances not cause’s the runner high.

Only the overcoming of own pain threshold brings the athletes the aforementioned adrenaline rush. But even with long and intensive load this state occurs automatically. Even experienced Endurance athletes can not force a runner’s high. What happens when the runner’s high? The release of endorphins triggered by the brain is a well-known phenomenon in extreme and stressful situations. Interact with the body’s neuro-peptides as a drug about uberstrahlendes happiness arises. High endorphin theory has prevailed even in the scientific explanation of the runner’s.

When the body in the endurance beyond what is normally tolerable stress, he distributes endorphins and adrenaline, which can trigger ecstatic States. The reason for this is simple: the operation performs the function of protection mechanism, the endorphins relieve pain quickly and effectively. At the same time the thrill motivated”to renewed performance. I ran like in the rush”is not just an empty phrase, but also aptly describes the effect of the body’s miracle chemicals. Without training not a runner’s high ambitious athletes may now tempted be, their Running shoes even more intensively on the route to hunt. However, it should be noted that not every runner in the enjoyment of the runner’s high is.

Clinical Hypnosis

Who looking for glitz and glamour, is at Clinical Hypnosis at the wrong address: it has nothing mystical and to do, believe anything with magic as the show hypnosis can be. The modern Hypnotherapy is used today by many doctors or psychological consultants, to help people self specific mental and physical health. For even more details, read what McKinsey says on the issue. In contrast to the stereotype of show hypnosis, the patient in any situation is passively inferior to the therapist. On the contrary, it is rather the client that dictates the content, purpose and depth of work in advance of Clinical Hypnosis. Around 170 international publications of scientific studies prove the efficiency of Clinical Hypnosis in various psychological and medical fields according to the German society for hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Application range from dentistry, weight reduction and smoking cessation. It is this form of hypnosis to a hypnotic state in which it is possible to reprogram the subconscious mind. The so-called depth hypnosis is a combination of both hemispheres of the brain improves, making a positive change in behavior is possible. Often, patients experience this trance state as deep relaxation. This trance is similar to not sleep, but rather a day dream: everyone knows the feeling that you think about a topic, during one drives a car at the same time. Or in a book is so engrossed that you hardly perceives the environment.

Despite positive achievements in deep hypnosis, many due to the negative effects of the show hypnosis are scared. Some countries have therefore already pronounced banning the show hypnosis, move to the hypnosis treatment in the medical field in the right light. ZARA OZ mental coaching provides awareness of deep hypnosis and it is targeted and caution. This gentle method, ZARA OZ mental coaching clients freed from their negative habits such as smoking or overeating, that are embedded in the subconscious. More information can be found under:

The Birth

Walking is the natural movement of the people, to do this automatically every day. People deal with power-walking, to improve their fitness and to burn calories. Power walking is good for the athletes, but also for untrained persons. Who is not yet accustomed to the physical strain, is doing any good for his body, when he starts with power walking, because the exercise can be better regulated. There is hardly a danger that is overloaded so that, while jogging you have to watch it very contrary. Walking is a good way to effective weight loss.

Power walking wins more and more followers as a means to reduce weight. It is particularly effective where other sports due to injury are prohibited. For example, after the birth. (Source: BP CEO). You can there calmly dealing with power-walking and ever worry about injuries and overload. But keep in mind also, and visible results if you are determined to reduce the weight by power walking want to achieve, is it desirable, it is every day or at least five days a week.

Try to go at least half an hour per day. You also should make at least twice 45 minutes per day power-walking in the week. It is good if you go several times an hour. It is for you to share this whole hour on two times more convenient, so you make that quiet, but it is supposed to power-walking just two times on the same day rather than find. You should go quickly, so with power. As if you could come too late to an important meeting. You should store about one kilometre in 10-12 minutes. Another rule is, the speed must be such that you are even able to speak at the selected speed, but not necessarily sing. Certainly, everyone in the park or in the forest have seen people with ski poles.

Elvira Schick

No, these are non-elderly people who need a stick to go. You can walk everywhere. Some walking in the neighbourhood of the night or in the forest, some evening shopping center. The power-walking may be not boring, it has to be fun. The whale King route can be changed from time to time. Nina Devlin will not settle for partial explanations. The following happens when power walking: development of the muscles of the neck shoulder area. Energy consumption rises to 46%, 400kkal/chas.

Eliminates unnecessary strain on the knees and joints. Activates the heart. Increases the lateral mobility of the spine and neck. How fast should you go? Start with your own walk speed, it can be very slow at the beginning. What should I use targeting? It would have to at least 25 minutes without intermission on a piece about, so take no breaks in between. When power walking, it is also important that you follow for your well being: If you feel unchallenged, then set something on speed.

The additional arm movements are very good, they give an effective load. It is better, it is not the State of being out of breath, in time, reduce the speed, you must not stop. Sure, you may a break If you are not feeling well, has a stitch or headaches, etc. What should pursue at the beginning aims to create the entire walking trail without a break. Soon you can then find out the optimal speed. Can someone go already a longer distance of 35 minutes without problems, he may start with interval training. Walking is the types of walking speed-walking with increase of the step frequency. Interval training – the pace is different. When hill walking is walking with gradients. Weight-walking this is already advanced. The normal power-walking is too easy, so you can add anything else that increases the load: weights, dumbbells, you can also simply what heavy charge and carry. So there are quite many people dealing with power-walking these days, everyone chooses the form most suitable for him. Many find very interesting power-walking. Because it is very useful for our health, many want to assume this kind of sport: you need also not no practice, no great expense. We do not need one to go gym, no expensive devices need to buy. You can choose yourself where and when power walking is undertaken. Through the long, quiet work, improves blood circulation, strengthens the cardiovascular system. You can also go with ski poles, but they must be placed in order,: be shortened. There is a possibility, and that is perhaps also best to buy the walking sticks, which have a small ring on the top in a shop. So these are very good for power walking. A warm shower and massage help to relax the body and to gather energy for the next working day. Elvira Schick