Since I arrived … Sent from my BlackBerry mobile device Digitel. Subject: Fwd: THE TRUE RESIGNATION OF VICE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC AND MINISTER OF DEFENSE CAME AS ME PLEASE FORWARD TO: Friends, countrymen. I am an active military. The situation in this country, Venezuela is very wrong.

Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, threatened the minister to accept and Carrizalez and must inform their subordinates, senior generals, colonels and junior officers, who were to be commanded by Cuban officers, with the same rank and authority than they. By the same author: Angus King. This, Carrizalez as minister of defense told the officers and the response was almost death. NEGATIVE. Hugo Chavez was indignant and threatened to give low and even shoot us if necessary. Given our refusal, the Minister resigned, as his wife and others who will assume such behavior. Hugo Chavez is paranoid. Spills of blood from the nose are more constant. The thing is in imminent danger, it also expected a widespread electrical power outages: collapse, the banking system: traffic lights, the gas outlets, food production, raw materials such as iron, aluminum and oil.

The petrochemical stop functioning. Speaking candidly cornell capital told us the story. The water moves through pipes under the same hydraulic system will suffer. Such is the collapse that is expected to Lt. Col. Hugo Chavez asked a contingent of trained Cuban miltary to stop any movement of blood and fire that arises from one or other event occur. The U.S. State Department is seriously concerned, as well as France for what might happen. Two nuclear aircraft carrier, U.S. sailing in the Caribbean Sea, are the ones who have the ability to supply electric power and desalinated water. The situation of the electric power is serious, no way, no way to stop the collapse. even with rationing Rodriguez Araque said in Caracas incorporate the next n hours, arguing repair power lines. The blackout is such that it can last days or weeks. Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez knows this and so are the intelligence agencies have reported, but insists on staying in power at any cost and the Cubans who do not lose anything they agree with his position, as opposed to seek help Americans. Pasenlo. PD: Venezuelan brothers – TIME TO DECIDE THE FATE OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, – DO NOT allow to become another “CUBA” .- I lost my COUNTRY, YOU ALSO DO NOT WANT TO LOSE HIS !!!!! “Long live a free VENEZUELA”