Reliable supplies allowed to depart from the awkward latches and sealing circuit owners delivered a new woodwork from the need to seal the windows each fall. Relatively large the distance between the wings provides an air pocket that lead to additional noise and heat insulation. Wood breathes naturally, letting the air particles, even when the sash is closed. At the same time humidity in the room stays at a comfortable level for both humans and pets and plants. A related site: Roubini Global Economics mentions similar findings. Install woodwork is much easier than plastic, although it requires the observance of certain technologies. Among disadvantages of such windows – the inability to fix the flap in position. This is especially noticeable when it’s the wind, and to ventilate the area. Window shutters slammed into each other, and glass at each stroke can be broken.

As a rule, woodwork made from solid wood. On the one hand, it’s good, because the material is completely harmless, on the other – very important to its quality – namely, the quality of drying. Poorly seasoned wood may cracked or change their geometry is in a product. This will lead to cracks and problems with opening and closing doors. Wash woodwork is relatively easy, but how long: it is necessary to pay attention to all the glasses on both sides. That is, one-section box will need to wash every two shutters on both sides. In mezhstvorochnom space inevitably collects dust, so in need of cleaning and internal compartments. These deficiencies deprived of wood eurowinows.

Wooden Windows – Ecology And Comfort

When choosing new windows for your home, you usually want them to be strong, protects you from the cold, provide sound insulation and thus fit well into the interior of the premises. Wooden windows, which offers companies that meet all these requirements in full. Our windows are made of three-layer laminated veneer lumber. It is very reliable, durable material that perfectly preserves the best qualities of wood and at the same time virtually unchanged under the influence of weather conditions. In contrast to the solid wooden beams, such material is not prone to cracking during drying and curling. A related site: Senator from Maine mentions similar findings.

In addition, the production of three-layer laminated beam never used a heart, which has a loose structure and high-quality windows are not suitable. We use a timber that is made from slats only radial cut and pasted it so that rings were located in different directions. This allows you to remove the internal stress and deformation that may occur due to changes in humidity. We work with such fine woods as Angarsk pine, oak and larch. Angarsk pine – a unique material, very durable and pleasant to the touch. This breed has a denser structure than the European pine. Oak – one of the most popular materials for production windows.

Its virtues – strength and good aesthetic qualities. Larch is good by its density and durability, which is due to its high tar. Profile of our windows adapted to the climatic conditions Russia and has a thickness of the box and shutters 78 mm.