Freelance Translator

Diversify your portfolio Agency, unless you work only with you, does not have all the clients. And almost all agencies have peaks of work and clients. Send your CV with sample translations (careful with confidentiality) to multiple agencies and open doors. 2 To set you a time I’m home, I work when I have said this many times? So many that already hurt the ears. What problem does? That just being in front of the computer more hours, being less productive.

Recalls: not by being more hours in front of a computer you are going to work harder or are going to translate more words. 3 Planning your day to day: once you have managed the schedule, you schedule an every day, with its hours of translations and their minute break: from 10: 00 to 11: 00 answering emails from 11: 00 to 11: 15 cafelito and cigarette 4. Rest between tasks. Only you know your pace of translation, but your pace requires pauses. Get them. Do not smoke while these in the middle of a document or not take coffee in front of the computer.

If you go to take a break, get it, descansaras sight and mind. You can leverage to do small chores at home, which are always welcome. Mind you, we are not talking of being 20 minutes of rest, but 5 minutes at most. 5 Check your work before sending it, he returns to review it. Keep your prepared checklist so that the translation is 100% reliable and definitive. A few points that you need to include whether: monitors not contain spelling mistakes. Not commas or punctuation missing. Send it to who must receive it with a copy to who should receive it. 6 Keep your own space do not work where you caught. Keep your own space, your Office, your table, your auxiliary furniture where you have your computer and your dictionaries.