Red Tower Game

The protagonist of this new puzzle called Huje online game is a funny friendly creature of soft and supple texture that at first glance seems a piece of jelly. Huje intend to embark on a dangerous journey with the goal of exploring the asteroid, and the player is supposedly invited to accompany him on this adventure. The overall objective of this online puzzle game is strolling through the asteroid using the motion of physical objects that surround you everywhere and available at that moment. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Alan Carr. Use the arrow keys to move Huje. From time to time (especially in the early levels of the game) is enough jump over the hills, moving with the help of the squares hung from the ceiling or climb the Red Tower. Many writers such as Mike Gianoni offer more in-depth analysis.

But then appear more physical objects and your tasks return to be much more complicated. For example, to overcome the abyss with sharp stones located below the player has to include your logical thinking and remembering the rules of mechanics. If the necessary figures for movement forward are not, it means you must invent them on your own combining and putting together the details that are present. Note that if your new construction turns out to be too fragile, breaks and Huje is going to hurt yourself or simply not going to arrive at their destination point. Uses all the buildings you see on your way to move the protagonist: towers, squares, circles, the wheels are spinning, the tangled mazes that you can serve to reach the end point of Huje Adventure. At first you might think that the game lacks the movement but the truth is that playing it is noted the presence of many challenges that leave no relax your brain or by one minute. Huje is generally a really funny character who always complains, tells about his State of spirits, asking for things or giving advice so you won’t bore you up if you don’t know how to solve some of the puzzle. However if you’re not sure about the steps in this online puzzle game, the creators offer you to take a look at videos from walk-through before starting to play Huje Adventure.