President Morales

The laughter are on everyone’s lips, but does not arrive in the ears of the President and his Cabinet. They live in a hemisphere apart, which has no connection with the rest of thinking humanity. Athletes of truth, do not have to take advantage of a geographical condition to win at their rivals. That is good, is good anywhere, and is measured with others competing in normal conditions, not forcing their contenders to run with oxygen under the arm tube. There was Bolivian teams that demonstrated his mastery of all the courts, without resorting to trickery. The interesting thing about the Bolivian Football is its success fluctuates according to the General conditions of the country.

When things are going well, there’s security, prosperity, people are happy and shines the national pride: win games. When conditions are the opposite, they are defeated, so When playing at the tip of the mountains, with the Condors of referees. Morales should ask: why the Bolivian teams lose by a landslide since he assumed power? President Morales is an individual who lacks shame, therefore toured representing Bolivia by luxurious palaces wearing a sweater; It showed menacing against Jorge Ramos in his first television interview continental; It is pronounced choppy speeches, which are limited to the repetition of 20 prefabricated phrases that don’t even know what they mean; and making frivolous warnings to Nations, which can make it fly from its tiny pedestal a blowing. Despite having traveled to more places than most of the common and have been coded with leaders of thick carving, not captures at all the surrounding reality. It is that the eyes see only what the mind is able to understand. original author and source of the article.