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The French language is the main language used in several countries in the world, mainly in France and colonies of this all over the world. To read more click here: Joseph Jimenez. So far, is spoken in more than 35 countries around the world, both as main language as some of the most known countries where French is spoken are not,: France, Canada, Belgium, Senegal, Algeria, Morocco, Madagascar, Congo, etc. The 2nd is language (after English) in international relations, this is thanks to the large amount of Organization Government that use it as their main language. In the world close to 300 million people speak the French language in them, 190 million do so as language main and 110 million do so thanks to learning this language, although this is not its main and native language. The birth of the French language, is not something simple to establish, because that happened many events in the history of which very few writers, are retained if it is known that French is a language that comes from the latin, which was imposed by the Romans. What is known is that the creation of the French language as such happened between the 6th century and 9, and then the 7 century already testimonials are where are confirmed that they spoke language other than latin and German (French). If all this does not give you want to learn French, because at the moment you can use a translator French or you travel to France to delve into this wonderful language. rt Transplant by clicking through. Original author and source of the article.