Industrial Engineer

It must be well kept a silent water, a silent dog and a silent enemy. Jewish proverb the faculties of engineering of national universities, are public or private, required in the present generate the necessary changes in the curricula of the industrial engineering program currently offered, in order to define the profile of the industrial engineer that Venezuela needs, more, before the decisive feature of a troubled, uncertain, risky national stage like the currently presentedthe management of the current product revolutionary Bolivarian Government under the responsibility of the Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, which has fostered in pro of instilling the so-called socialism of the 21st century shares, which have generated serious conflicts, bumps in the business sector of the country, significantly affecting the operability and productivity of enterprises, especially SMEs, in which a number of them have ceased operationsthey do so with low productivity. Since then, all this is Adds, the significant role of globalization which has fostered changes, challenges in aspects that can not be bypassed in the formation of the industrial engineer, as it is technology, the characteristics of the products and services currently demanded by consumers, as well as all the integration of the human factor in the effectiveness, efficiency, productivity with respect to new technology. Nor can overlooked everything that management of processes, which are today required to ensure productivity, benefits, a low cost, profitability, operational efficiency, improvement, zero defects and everything about the new vision development, paradigm that calls for total quality and they are necessary to ensure competitiveness. They should the faculties, most identified with the role that is required of the industrial engineer, determine the needs of the business sector and what industrial engineer can help you, in everything related to ensure productivity, efficiency in production. They must restructure its programme of studies and take steps to new knowledge according to the reality of the present, emphasis as regards the new managerial topics that are linked with the management of processes, productivity, identify with the scope, implications of new technology has brought and how should integrate the human factor therein to ensure performance, integration man-machine and since then, with all matters concerning the management processes.