Industrial Accidents

The tragic character of industrial accidents is not limited exclusively to the real tragedy that pose for the worker that is involved in the same. They are also very costly from the economic point of view for the own employer, which would have the need to deal with the discouragement of the template by the injury suffered by his colleague, and with lower productivity derived from not having one of their employees. Hence, the fight against work accidents is positive for each and every one of the agents involved in the task of risk prevention, which requires an active partnership between the employer and its staff, identifying and acting on possible preventable risk factors in installations where it performs its functions. The need for controls security one of the most fundamental aspects in the prevention of risks, especially in companies of a certain size, is to have on-site controls or the same officers, and in particular, their safety and health. Among the functions thereof would be the elaboration of plans and assessments of the risks of various jobs, carefully examining each of the activity areas.

Aspects such as electrical installations, machinery or heavy elements of transportation (trucks, articulated trailers) should be individually reviewed. Moreover, this delegate for prevention of risks should maintain an open line of dialogue with the workers, so that they could communicate any type of incidence or unsafe condition which may be made for the purpose of taking immediate measures. Training and awareness employees also should be found among their functions, and should where appropriate (if it were, for example, petrochemical industries or who work with other hazardous materials) periodically organize evacuation drills. Conclusions to be taken into account in the Prevention of occupational risks the main tools with which count are common sense and training. Often the lack of care is behind such serious incidents that they could result in the death of the worker. All the agents involved in the company, from superiors until the last of the workers, should take sides in this activity, each that Yes depending on its position and its possibilities. The result will be the common benefit, avoiding many tragic events. Jose Alberto Andrio Espina.

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