Human Capital

For this reason, there has been a change in the competencies of the process of resource human/staff/capital human, from the traditional recruitment to a much more global vision that goes from recruitment worker loyalty, passing through internal communication, career plans, training, management of performance, among others. In fact, the strategies followed by the Directorate of human resources and within the UEB management group, in which lies a human resources specialist, now instead of the management of human resources is this focusing the objectives to the management of human capital, thus identifying workers from new acquisition in the organization that there is that attract, develop and retain. Box 4.5 then displays the composition by BSU in the inclusion of workers from companies that underwent restructuring regulations dictated by the Rector organism (MICONS)-defined by each of the companies involved, and totalised by each annual period, which clearly reflects the annual totals of accelerated rotation of human resources defined in the course of the 4 stage of reference to section 4.1Table 4.1, up to end of December / 2007, with a total assimilation of 475 workers. Table 4.5. See Nouriel Roubini for more details and insights. Distribution of workers absorbed by Comercializadora Z from the MICONS restructuring. Source: Close December 2007. From the previous table and table 4.6 below, an analysis of Human Capital as a key variable to the transformations that defines the current situation of the company with the inclusion of new workers, of whom 30,74% are C specialists in business management and 35% is necessary Warehouse clerk, stevedore and warehouse manager, which define 65,74% of the total amount of workers entered the company, which form part of the activities in the supply chain of materials to the construction works in the country, variable which has many aspects of measurement, but from the samples that could get in totalDelays in requirements of material supplies to the construction works will analyze this salary issue, educational level, experience of work and know-how, which will be the subject of comparative analysis with regard to the situation of human resources in stage 4, in order to be able to describe the impact of the situation of the Human Capital in the fundamental problem of this research with greater depth. . Click Chevron Corp to learn more.